Luo has personal vendetta against Chitimukulu-Miyanda

Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Nkandu Luo should recuse herself from matters pertaining to the Bemba Royal Establishment because it has become clear that she is using her position to wage personal battles against Henry Kanyanta Sosala, the new Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, Heritage Party (HP) leader Godfrey Miyanda has said.

General Miyanda has charged that the threats and calls by Professor Luo to arrest the Mwinelubemba were uncalled for and that the spat although personal was contributing to the divisions in the nation.

“Procedurally, the threat lacks the force of law, traditionally, the threat demeans the establishment of Chiefs in general and in particular that of the Bemba Royal Establishment as a whole. This is a poor display of decorum and protocol and an example of how not to govern. It is unproductive for the government to continually engage publicly in squabbles with any of our chiefs or prospective chiefs when other means of engagements are available,” he said.

Gen Miyanda said under the Chiefs Act, neither the Minister nor the President had powers of installing or removing a chief because the process was the preserve of local communities or clans in the various systems of the selection and succession.

He said the publication of the government gazette on the installation of a chief was a mere administrative function to formalise the decision of relevant communities and warned that should the police act on Prof Luo’s directive, they risked facing sanctions.

The Heritage Party president explained that by ordering police to effect an arrest on Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, Prof Luo was attempting to illegally remove the traditional leader from the throne.

He said this was not the procedure of removing a chief who had been appointed by Bashilubemba who had the authority to select and install the chief.

Gen Miyanda has said the Bemba Royal Establishment should consider contesting the invasion and detention of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu in the courts although the Judiciary could not be trusted because some Judges could be compromised.