Sata must be careful with Kabimba-Kamalo

President Michael Sata should show concern over Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba’s continued divide and rule philosophy in the Patriotic Front as it has the potential of destroying the ruling party, former Fourth Republican Party interim president Lameck Kamalo has said.

Breaking his silence over the power struggle in the PF, Mr. Kamalo said President Sata being the head of the ruling party should show concern and stop schemes to destroy the political party.

He accused Mr. Kabimba of harboring a hidden agenda in the PF.

“I feel sad that President Sata seems to be comfortable with what is happening in the ruling party. Mr. Kabimba is preparing to take over the PF although he cannot win an election,” said Mr. Kamalo.

He said the current leadership wrangles which have engulfed the ruling party were a source of concern to the PF and the country at large because time was being wasted on party matters rather than on national issues.

Mr. Kamalo said the stance Mr. Kabimba had taken of disrespecting and fighting leaders in the party was a danger to the PF’s continued stay in power.

“Just look at how he embarrassed Lameck Mangani in Eastern Province. That is how Mr. Kabimba is and if President Sata is not careful, Kabimba is taking the show but to a very wrong route. He is taking the PF to its early grave,” he said.

Mr Kamalo also said he would soon be issuing a comprehensive statement on the happenings in the country; warning that those that wanted to hurt him should do so during the day rather than waylaying him in the night.

“I will soon be speaking out on people who want to eliminate me and the nation should know about these criminals. They have been shielded for a long time and I feel it is time for me to speak out now because they can destroy the country if left unchallenged,” he said.

And when pushed further to name the people who were planning to eliminate him, Mr. Kamalo said that he would name them at an appropriate time.

Mr. Kamalo was last week arrested and detained at Matero Police Station on unknown offences before he was pushed to Kamwala Remind Prison.