‘PF rigged 2011 polls’

The MMD has said that there was no doubt that the figures of the 2011 results were tampered with and that there was need for interested stakeholders to serious question the credibility and legitimacy of the PF in government following the confession by ruling party’s Secretary General Wynter Kabimba that he had breached the electoral and immigration laws.

Mr Kabimba who is also Minister of Justice has confessed that he smuggled some Kenyans through the Nakonde border into Zambia to illegally participate in the country’s electoral process.

MMD national secretary Muhabi Lungu said yesterday in Lusaka that Mr Kabimba’s revelations have confirmed fears that the 2011 elections were tampered with and rigged.

He said it was the collective position of the former ruling party that the 2011 general elections were not free and fair and that there was urgent need for all interested stakeholders in the country’s electoral system to demand an explanation from the PF government to state the role the Kenyans played in the elections.

Mr Lungu said the law enforcement agencies had an opportunity to exhibit their professionalism by immediately summoning Mr Kabimba so that he could explain how the Kenyans that were smuggled into the country helped the PF emerge victorious in the 2011 general elections.

He told the Daily Nation that the MMD would soon be writing to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to ask the commission to serious reflect on Mr Kabimba’s confession because the former ruling party was of the view that the Justice Minister’s revelations were authentic and could not be doubted.

Mr Lungu said while the MMD was of the strong belief that the ECZ was an independent  institution that could not be used to help a political party form government fraudulently, it had become imperative that the commission should issue s statement to clear the matter and restore its credibility.

“The consequence of Mr Kabimba’s revelations and confessions that he smuggled Kenyans into Zambia to help the PF win the 2011 general elections is that the elections were not free and fair. The confession itself is criminal and if we were in a developed democracy, the police and other law enforcement agencies would have been at Mr Kabimba’s home to ask him about his criminal acts. Kabimba’s has confirmed our fears that the 2011 general elections were rigged and the culprit in the electoral malpractice is a well known person in the name of Mr Kabimba who is the PF secretary general and Justice Minister,” Mr Lungu said.

On Thursday last week while addressing PF members at Luangwa House in Chipata, Mr Kabimba disclosed that he smuggled Kenyan nationals in the country to help the PF with Parallel Voter Tabulation (PVT) and the ruling party managed to win the elections as a result of the help from the Kenyans.

“Do you know how much I have sacrificed for this party? I brought in people from Kenya to do PVT (Parallel Vote Tabulation) and we won elections. I smuggled in people through Nakonde border and if Rupiah Banda won elections, I would be in jail today, and today Ba Mangani is more loyal to the party than me! No! No. Those of you accusing me of destroying the party don’t know the sacrifice I put in. When we were voting, Judge Ngoma was serving a jail sentence and those of you who come today should say, ‘Judge is not loyal’; that I refuse and I’ll not accept that PF members that suffered and sacrificed for the party become refugees in their own party. Let’s have a new beginning,” he said.

But Mr Lungu has said the MMD was going to pursue the matter to its logical and satisfactory conclusion because it had become apparent that the PF did not only cheat Zambians through their mega and unfulfilled promises but that they lied to Zambians about their victory as the results were certainly tampered with.

He said the MMD did not care how long the matter would take to address but that the former ruling party was determined to exhaust any legal option so that Zambians could know exactly know how the 2011 results were manipulated.

“The MMD as a party will take the Kabimba confession to the highest level because we believe mulandu siuwola. I am going to write to the ECZ to ask them to seriously reflect on Mr Kabimba’s revelations because we believe that the commission is an independent body that would not engage in electoral malpractice.  ECZ could have helped the PF fraudulently be declared winners of the 2011 polls and it is prudent that we hear from them,” Mr Lungu said.

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