It’s treason

It was treasonable for Wynter Kabimba to have smuggled Kenyan nationals into Zambia to illegally participate in the country’s 2011 electoral process because his action was tantamount to overthrowing a government, United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema’  special advisor Douglas Syakalima has charged.

And the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has demanded that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and the immigration department should come out in the open and state their position on the revelations that Mr Kabimba smuggled foreign national to help the PF win the 2011 general elections.

Mr Syakalima has stated that Mr Kabimba had committed a treasonable offence and was aware that he could have been jailed had the MMD won the 2011 general elections.

Mr Syakalima said Mr Kabimba who is the Justice Minister had become a serious danger to Zambia because with his current status and authority, he was allegedly capable of committing heinous crimes knowing that the law enforcement agencies would not be able to check his actions.

On 21st September 2011, Mr Kabimba announced that President Michael Sata had won the presidential election by 56 percent against then president Rupiah Banda who he claimed had marshaled 32 percent.

And while addressing the ruling party members at Luangwa House in Chipata on Thursday last week, Mr Kabimba told former Eastern Province PF chairman Lameck Mangani that he had sacrificed a lot for the PF to a point of committing a criminal offence of smuggling Kenyans into the country to illegally participate in the electoral process to help the ruling party win the elections.

“Do you know how much I have sacrificed for this party? I brought in people from Kenya to do PVT (Parallel Vote Tabulation) and we won elections. I smuggled in people through Nakonde border and if Rupiah Banda won elections, I would be in jail today, and today Ba Mangani is more loyal to the party than me! No! No. Those of you accusing me of destroying the party don’t know the sacrifice I put in. When we were voting, Judge Ngoma was serving a jail sentence and those of you who come today should say, ‘Judge is not loyal’; that I refuse and I’ll not accept that PF members that suffered and sacrificed for the party become refugees in their own party. Let’s have a new beginning,” he said.

But Mr Syakalima said Zambians should be ready to defend their democracy because the PF and its leadership would never accept defeat in the next general elections and that there was a danger that the electoral process in Zambia would never be transparent under the current leadership.

Mr Syakalima warned that the PF and Mr Kabimba had already started scheming of how to manufacture reasons of refusing to accept defeat and that one of them was denying Mr Hichilema and other opposition political leaders to freely conduct their campaigns.

“Mr Kabimba’s action of smuggling in foreigners to illegally participate in Zambia’s electoral process was literally overthrowing a sitting government and he committed a treasonable offence. In any other country, Kabimba would have been arrested without hesitation because he did not only breach the country’s immigration and electoral laws but he breached the security and peace of the country,” Mr Syakalima said.

Mr Syakalima however said the UPND was prepared and would counter every fraudulent act by the PF in the 2016 general elections because Zambians would never want to give President Michael Sata and the PF a term beyond five years.

He said the more than two years of the PF in power had been tumultuous and that it would be politically unwise for Zambians to allow the PF to continue with its mismanagement after their failed first term.

And FODEP executive director MacDonald Chipenze said time had come for the law enforcement agencies to exhibit professionalism by summoning Mr Kabimba so that he could be interrogated over his confession.

Mr Chipenzi said the police and immigration officers would not have to procrastinate in summoning Mr Kabimba because he was on record both in print and electronic media confessing that he committed a serious crime and that had former president Rupiah Banda won, he would have been imprisoned.

Mr Chipenzi said Parallel Voter Tabulation (PVT) was a legal electoral process and that if Mr Kabimba decided to use foreigners who were not accredited by the ECZ, it was important for the commission to state its position on the matter.

He said the revelations had cast serious doubts on the credibility and legitimacy of the 2011 election results and the PF government as it was clear that the ruling party was a fraud in government.