Matibini rules Kambwili out of order

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini  yesterday ruled Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili out of order for accusing Mwandi Member of Parliament Michael Kaingu of having disparaged the Speaker during the period the opposition political parties lawmakers protested on the floor of the House demanding the immediate release of the draft constitution.

And Dr Matibini has said the security of Vice-President Guy Scott that invaded the chambers of the National Assembly when the opposition MPs staged a protest on the floor of the House were justified to besiege the chambers because it was their duty to protect him (Dr Scott).

In his rulings on the first three points of order that were raised in the last session, Dr Matibini censured Mr Kambwili for attempting to mislead the House and creating an impression that Dr Kaingu had imputed that the Speaker did not understand English during his debate on the opposition MPs disrupting the proceedings of the House.

In his point of order on 28th February 2014, Mr Kambwili said that Dr Kaingu had allegedly disrespected Dr Matibini in his debate when in fact he was in agreement with the Speaker that the House had become ungovernable following their protest.

But Dr Matibini ruled that the verbatim of Dr Kaingu’s debate did not have the words Mr Kambwili had used in his point of order and the Roan Parliamentarian misinterpreted what the Mwandi MP had said at the time.

“The verbatim recording which I have listened to showed that Dr Kaingu did not utter the words removing respect from the Speaker. Dr Kaingu in his debate was agreeing with me that the House was ungovernable and the words unless you do not understand my language were not directed at me. He said let the strangers leave the House so that we can continue conducting the business in the House. I find that Dr Kaingu did not alter words we have removed respect but was in agreement with that the House was ungovernable. My ultimate ruling is that Mr Kambwili misrepresented Dr Kaingu,” Dr Matibini said.

On Dr Scott’s security detail that invaded the chambers, Dr Matibini said the Vice-President did not breach any rule of the House and that his security was in order to enter the chambers for his protection.

Dr Matibini on the ruling on a point of order raised by Davis Mwila who wanted to know if Chipangali MP Vincent Mwale was in order to enter the chambers of the House with an Ipad and take pictures of the proceedings said the act was in breach of the rules and regulations of Parliamentary etiquette.

The speaker reprimanded Mr Mwale for using his Ipad to take pictures and film the the disorder that characterized the last session of the National Assembly and warned him that he risked strict sanctions if he was going to repeat his action.

Dr Matibini said the rules of Parliament did not permit MPs to take pictures or film the proceedings of the House and that only accredited journalists were allowed to take pictures.

He said Mr Mwale behaved in a disorderly manner by taking advantage of the confusion in the House to film and take pictures of the protest.