Abolish Police Complaint Authority-UPND

UPND in Southern Province has called for the dissolution  of the PoliceComplaint Authority (PCA) because it is no longer serving the purpose it was established for.

Provincial Secretary Winnerson Ng’uni said that PCA had failed to perform to expectation as police officers have continued to misconduct themselves by displaying unprofessionalism in their discharge of duty.

“The PCA is a waste of public resources and a burden to the nation. It should be scrapped off because it is no longer serving the purpose it was created for,” said Mr Ng’uni.

He challenged the Police Training School at Lilayi to conduct refresher training programmes for its top police command before they were all declared outmoded and impertinent to society due to the way they have been conducting police activities.

In an interview in Livingstone on Wednesday, Mr. Ng’uni observed that if the role of PCA was merely to receive complaints from the public about the conduct of police officers without acting on such complaints, then the institution should be disbanded all together.

“As UPND in Southern Province, we are calling for the disbanding of the Police Complaint Authority (PCA) because it has failed to give guidance on the operations and conduct of police officers in Zambia especially at the top. The authority has become a waste of publicresources and a burden to our nation,” he said.

He said the authority’s failure to execute its duties and responsibilities had resulted in the continued misconduct and unprofessionalism in the service today as they were now abusing the law to oppress citizens.

He said once UPND formed government in 2016, it would  have no choice but to dissolve PCA.

Mr Ng’uni said it was disheartening to see public funds being channeled to an institution which was completely moribund.

On the Public Order Act, Mr. Ng’uni said the police have continued to harass UPND president Mr Hakainde Hichilema for no reason.

“They have refused him to hold public rallies, they have stopped him from meeting chiefs, they have blocked him from having access to certain parts of the country and all these do not conform to police duties,” he said

“Police action against Hichilema is reckless, unprofessional, and  has dented the image of the police service in Zambia and as a party, we feel there is urgent need to address police assertions that they are simply carrying out orders from higher authority each time they are conducting unprofessional assignments,” he said

He said Mr Hichilema was not a criminal to be subjected to the kind of treatment the police were giving him.

Mr Ngu’uni said when President Sata was in the opposition he had all the time to himself to organize the PF and eventually PF formed government.