ECZ challenged over Kenyans role in 2011 polls

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has been challenged to state the action it will take against PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba who breached the electoral and immigration laws of Zambia when he smuggled Kenyans into Zambia to participate in the 2011 polls.

And the MMD says it is clear that there is selective application of justice by the law enforcement agencies because of their failure to act on Mr Kabimba’s confession that he smuggled some Kenyans into Zambia.

A senior citizen from Pemba Edward Masiwa has said it was disturbing that the chief executive of the ruling party could make such serious revelations concerning the 2011 elections in which Kenyans were smuggled into Zambia to conduct Parallel Vote Tabulations (PVT).

Mr Masiwa said ECZ chairperson should explain to Zambians if there was an agreement between her organisation and Kenyans for Mr Kabimba to organize Kenyans to come and tamper with the 2011 elections.

He said the decision by the PF to import foreigners to come and deal with the sensitive issues at a critical time had opened up the country to corrupt activities.

Mr Masiwa said the ECZ should have had information on the people that were supposed to conduct PVT and where they came from.

“Kenyans are not Zambians and if these people came here in the name of the party, can Mr Kabimba tell the nation why he had kept this from Zambians before elections were conducted. Zambians were dribbled and did not see what happened because they were all anxious to have a new leader in place but this should have been taken care of by the ECZ,

“What Mr Kabimba and President Michael Sata did is called stealing from the Zambian people. We were meant to believe that all was well with the 2011 general elections but it is being revealed now that there were under hand methods that were used. We expect ECZ to be proactive when issues concerning elections are raised and make a follow up,” he said.

Mr Masiwa said it was unfortunate that even after such a revelation, the ECZ had remained mute instead of clarifying the issue for the Zambians to stop the blame game.

He said there was need for the electoral body to issue a comprehensive statement regarding issues that Mr Kabimba had raised about the 2011 general elections.

The MMD says it is clear that there is selective application of justice by the law enforcement agencies.

Speaking on behalf of MMD president Nevers Mumba, his spokesperson Raphael Nakachinda told the Daily Nation his party was challenging the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to state whether there was a contract signed with any organisation to conduct the Parallel Vote Tabulation.

Mr Nakachinda said his party would also alert the international community to what extent the ruling PF would go to remain in power after 2016 vote.

He said in a normal country, the law enforcement agents would have already visited Mr Kabimba after his revelation that he smuggled in some Kenyans who came to help PF with the 2011 general elections.

“This continued selective application of justice is worrying and Wynter Kabimba is not only PF chief executive but Minister of Justice who is admitting to committing an offence which brings out some questions on the legitimacy of the 2011 elections.

“If the PF can do that while in opposition, what more can they do to remain in power? This is a wakeup call for Zambians and we want the international community to take note of what the party is doing,” Nakachinda said.

He said the MMD would actively monitor the activities of Mr Kabimba and the PF government to ensure that Zambians were not duped by people who have no clear agenda in running the affairs of the nation.

Mr Nakachinda said the ECZ should clarify all matters raised by the Justice Minister and also state what role Mr Kabimba played during the 2011 general elections.

He said the commission should state whether it had permitted the Kenyans to conduct PVT in the general elections and also state how many other organisations were contracted to do so.

“We want the ECZ to exonerate themselves to that effect because they must be aware as to which of their office was involved in the act with Mr Kabimba,” he said.

Last week, Mr Kabimba revealed that he had smuggled some Kenyan nationals into the country to conduct PVT.