Sondashi opposes Parley seat increase

It is meaningless for anyone to seek an increase in the number of Parliamentary seats from the current 150 to 235 without addressing the ineffectiveness of the current parliament, says Forum for Democratic Alternatives (FDA) president Ludwig Sondashi.

Dr Sondashi has said the current National Assembly is a rubber stamp for the executive because MPs have no power to change decisions by government.

“Our considered view is that the cry to increase the number of parliamentary seats at present is meaningless because parliament in its present form is merely a rubber stamp of the executive arm.

He said Zambians should realise that MPs did not generate development and therefore, it was pointless to make such suggestions.

“ Further, our Members of Parliament have no powers and are not effective like their colleagues in the developed world, worse still our MPs do not generate development in their constituencies except what government takes there,” Dr. Sondashi said.

He said the demand to increase the number of parliamentary seats would successfully add more miserable to the country’s economy.

“An increase in the number of parliamentary seats will just add to economic woes the country is facing. Besides, the current House cannot accommodate the increase of seats in terms of is present size,” Dr. Sondashi who is also a former Minister of Labour said.

Dr. Sondashi said that the PF leadership should realize that the creation of new districts which has resulted into the proposals for the creation of new constituencies was done haphazardly.

He warned that the creation of new districts was a financial burden rather than job creation in the same way a bigger parliament would come with huge administrative costs.

“We further wish to contend that in the first instance, the creation of new districts was done haphazardly by one man without careful consideration of the likely impact on the existing economy,” Dr Sondashi said.