UPND demands a against PF cadres

UPND is disappointed that no action had been taken against PF members who  recently carried out a citizen arrest of three UPND officials.

UPND deputy general secretary Mr Kuchunga Simusamba who was a victim of the Chelstone Police violence said the people who arrested the three UPND officials were in fact PF cadres masquerading as police officers.

But Lusaka Province Lemmy Kajoba when contacted said the trio was arrested by police officers and that assertions that it was the PF cadres that arrested them were unfounded.

Mr Fresher Siwale, Mr George Chombela and Mr Richard Hajika were last Friday arrested for allegedly distributing UPND fliers carrying messages that President Michael Sata was sick and that the country would hold a presidential by-election.

Mr Simusamba explained that on the material day, the three officialswere on a campaign trail in Kaunda Square when known PF cadres descended on the group and accused them of spreading false rumours about President Michael Sata’s health.

He stated that after the ‘arrest, the three UPND officials  were taken to Chelstone police and that Prof Luo allegedly organized cadres in five bus-loads who caused confusion at the police station that compelled the command to transfer Mr Siwale and Mr Chombela to Lusaka Central Police station.

Mr Simusamba alleged that Chiefs minister Professor Nkandu Prof brought several cadres to Chelstone police and personally commandeered the violence at the police station forcing the police command to for re-enforcement before moving Mr Siwale and Chombela to Lusaka Central Police station.

“Our colleagues were arrested by PF cadres who were masquerading as police officers but when we reported the matter to police, they said it was a citizens arrest.   We have also reported to police about malicious damage to property and assault. We have also reported that the PF cadres were proposing violence because they threatened to cut off our private parts,” Mr Simusamba said.

Mr Simusamba said it was not surprising that the police had failed to open a docket for the PF cadres who were impersonating the police because the ruling party had infiltrated and politicised the police service.

Mr Simusamba claimed that most of the cadres that were causing terror and masquerading as police officers were former convicts who had been pardoned by President Sata and wondered whether Zambia was going to be safe with the criminals the Head of State had continued offloading on the streets.

“Mr Siwale, Chombela and Hajika were conducting door-to-door campaigns and distributing fliers bearing UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s portrait and carrying messages Aleisa, Aleisa, Aleisa and vote for Hakainde Hichilema for president. But the PF cadres masquerading as police officers raided the residences where the door-to-door campaigns were being conducted and arrested the three officials.

“They dragged the three to Kaunda Square police post and soon after arriving, they started calling their boss only identified as their secretary general who they asked what charges they could prefer on our officials. It was then we realized that they were in fact not police officers but cadres,” Mr Simusamba said.

Mr Simusamba said it was unfortunate that the police were getting instructions from cadres on how to do their job and warned that Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani would have to account for her actions of turning the police service into an extension of the ruling party.

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