Kabimba’s great sacrifice

Following our challenge to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to come out clean on the confession by Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Wynter Kabimba that he smuggled into Zambia some Kenyans who illegally participated in our country’s tripartite elections in 2011, the commission has wasted no time and has broken its silence over the matter.

ECZ says only Mr Kabimba can shed more light on his confession because the commission was not privy to the private arrangement the Justice Minister made of smuggling Kenyan nationals into the country to illegally participate in the electoral process.

The fact that the ECZ was not privy to the private arrangement is a vindication that Mr Kabimba was not up to any good.

During the counting of the 2011 elections results, the ECZ announced that its system had been hacked and the commission was forced to shut its website and Mr Kabimba called for media briefing to announce that President Sata had won the election with 56 percent of the total vote.

Why should just a tabulation of votes BY Kenyans be a GREAT SACRIFICE?  That is what Mr Kabimba told former PF Eastern Province chairperson, Lameck Managani.

In any democratic electoral contest, the results so announced must reflect the true wishes of the electorate and any trace of doubt quickly takes away its credibility.

This is the reason why it is not surprising that some stakeholders have doubted not only the credibility of the 2011 general elections but have also questioned the legitimacy of the PF government-a product of the said elections.

The ECZ has explained itself and it is our hope that Mr Kabimba will summon the integrity of his office and moral aptitude to explicitly tell Zambians his actions of facilitating the illegal entry of foreign nationals into the country to help the PF with the parallel vote tabulation.

The ECZ had accredited five Kenyan nationals from the Kenyan High Commission in Zambia while six were from the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) of Kenya and that is why it has become paramount that Mr Kabimba explains his arrangement.

And the fact that Mr Kabimba has revealed that he smuggled the Kenyans into the country puts the Kenyan authorities on the spot and it is our sincere hope that a statement stating their position should be made.

Without doubt, Mr Kabimba has some diplomatic explanation to make and the country would also be interested to know for how long the Kenyan nationals stayed in the country and how they left the country.

If the Kenyan nationals who were smuggled have returned to their country, it would be interesting to know who they are and what exactly was their assignment.

This brings the Immigration Department whose mandate is to man the country’s borders on the spot. They have decided to keep quiet but this is the issue that cannot be ignored because it certainly borders on the security or is it the insecurity of the country.

It would help to calm the situation if there was an explanation if Mr Kabimba breached the immigration laws and what sanctions go with such kind of criminal acts.


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  1. Why waste time? Security infringement or not, the Immigration Department will give some explanation that will render the whole saga as a non issue to Kabimba’s defense and delight!

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