PF illegitimate govt-Syakalima

The Patriotic Front (PF) has declared itself an illegitimate government following confessions by Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba that he smuggled into Zambia some Kenyans to participate in the country’s 2011 general elections, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s special advisor Douglas Syakalima has charged.

Mr Syakalima has said the PF was a danger to country’s peace and security because it had exhibited a propensity of breaking the country’s laws.

He said if Mr Kabimba who is the Acting President was capable of successfully engaging in illicit electoral activities while his party was in the opposition, Zambians should shudder at the crimes they could have committed since forming government.

The UPND official has demanded that the Immigration department should make a comprehensive statement on revelations by Mr Kabimba that he smuggled Kenyans through the Nakonde border to help the PF with Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT).

He said it was important for the Immigration Department to state how the foreign nationals smuggled into Zambia left the country because there was a possibility that such people could still be in the country illegally.

Mr Syakalima recalled that soon after the PF formed government, all the road blocks across the country were cleared wondering whether the move was meant to facilitate the smooth exit of the foreigners that were smuggled into the country in 2011.

He said it was worrying that the man who had a record of smuggling foreigners into the country was the one who had been given the privilege of acting as president after President Sata left the country for Israel.

Mr Syakalima said it was dangerous for the country to have a person who had confessed breaching the immigration and electoral laws to be entrusted with the presidency.

“This crime of Mr Kabimba having smuggled into Zambia some Kenyans to help the PF win the 2011 general elections will not die. We are going to demand that the matter be brought to a logical conclusion. This government has declared itself illegitimate and illegal by the revelations that they smuggled foreigners to illegally participate in the country’s electoral process. Mr Kabimba is supposed to be arrested and it is extremely unfortunate that the man who has publicly confessed of committing a criminal offence is the one acting as president of the country,” he said. And UPND provincial secretary Alex Mulenga said it was surprising that Zambians should be ready to face the PF leadership in the next general elections because there were strong signs that they would refuse to accept defeat if they lost the elections.

Mr Mulenga said the PF would ensure that they illegally remain in power and that if they would fail to rig the elections, they would forcibly reject the election results.

He said if the PF was ready to spill blood in the 2011 general elections, it was likely that Zambia would have the most violent elections in 2016 as those in government were not showing signs of respecting the wishes of the people.

He said Zambia had seen the unprecedented entry of foreigners after the PF won the elections and that most of the small business such as running barber shops and Salons were now in the hands of foreign nationals.