PF panics

President Michael Sata’s decision to leave Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba as acting President has unsettled senior Patriotic Front (PF) officials.

A party official who attended a meeting in Lusaka last Friday has revealed that following the appointment of Mr Kabimba as acting President, some senior PF officials met to plan the way forward.

“It is no longer a secret because everyone in the party is now able to see that Mr Kabimba is taking over the PF at all cost.

We think the President left Mr Kabimba to act for two weeks to prepare him for the task.

“But this will not work, President Sata is just wasting his time to invest his confidence in people like the party secretary general,” said the official The official said the PF had disintegrated and no attempt to restore unity and trust in the party would work.

The official said the senior party officials did not trust Mr Kabimba to continue running the affairs of the party the way President Sata had been doing.

“We are ready to breakaway and form our own party. We shall not accept to be auctioned to Mr. Kabimba in anyway.

We want a leader who is humble, understanding, and tolerant and a point of unity to succeed President Sata,” the official said.

On Friday, Mr Sata left the country for Israel leaving Mr Kabimba as acting President.

This was the first time Mr Kabimba who is number three in the hierarchy of the PF to act as Head of State.

Ordinarily, it had either been Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda or Defence Minister Edgar Lungu who acted each time President Sata travelled out of the   country.