Govt to repossess ‘Black Mountain’

Government says it will cancel the licence awarded to Nkana Ore Company to operate the famous ‘black mountain’ in Kitwe’s Wusakile because it was offered in bad faith.

Youth Minister Chishimba Kambwili assured youths in Kitwe who depend on the slug dump not to worry or panic because the Ministry of Mines had resolved to revoke the licence offered to Nkana Ore Company after discussions with his ministry.

Mr Kambwili who appealed for patience from the complaining youths said Government was alive to the fact that the slug dump was a source of income.

He said the process to cancel the licence for Nkana Ore Company was on course, stressing that the company would not be allowed to operate at the dumpsite.

And commenting on police officers still manning the site, Mr Kambwili said it was the Ministry of Mines’ decision to deploy security personnel so that no-one carried out operations while the matter was being resolved.

But a concerned Kitwe resident who did not want to be named called on government to speed up the process for the benefit of the unemployed youths who earned their living from the dumpsite.

He said from the information the residents had, the Chinese company had up to now failed to produce papers of ownership for the slug dump.

Two months ago, government halted scavenging at the mountain citing a number of issues that needed to be sorted out amid speculation that the slug had been sold to a Chinese company.

The Chinese were the major buyers of the material but the locals complained of low rates and by the end of April, government deployed security officers on the site who stopped all operations.