Sensitization programmes planned for Mangango

A Non-Governmental Organisation on good governance, 2410, says it will intensify sensitisation programmes for the electorates ahead of the Mangango constituency by-election in Kaoma.

2410 executive director, Justin Mushoke said his organisation had embarked on sensitisation for as in Mangango constituency.

Mr Mushoke said he would meet candidates contesting the Mangango seat after the nominations.

“This programme is aimed at sensitising the electorates in areas where by-elections are being conducted so that they do not engage in illicit activities, especially young people who are used by politicians for their political mileage,” he said.

Mr Mushoke said it was sad that politicians were using unemployed youths  to perpetrate violence during elections.

He appealed to police to work with NGOs if violence during elections were to come to an end.

Mr Mushoke accused political leaders of igniting and bringing confusion whenever there was a political gathering.

“We must find solutions to issues of violence during elections and that is the reason why we embarked on this sensitisation programme so that such vices can be reduced. Violence cases are always common whenever there is a gathering which is not healthy for the country,” he said.

Mr Mushoke said youths were the most vulnerable in society as they were used by politicians who fail to provide jobs them.

He said it was unfortunate that MPs did not live up to their campaign promises, adding that his organisation would ensure the electorate made their informed choice when electing their preferred leaders.

Mr Mushoke said Zambia had continued to lag in terms of development because of the type of the leaders who were chosen on demerit.

And Nkoya Royal Council chairman David Tamboka advised sub chiefs in Kaoma not to engage in politics because they were parents to all the people who lived in the area.

“Our aim is to ensure we take care of all the people in the area regardless of their tribe, and this includes, Lukulu, Mitete, Luampa, Kaoma, and Nkeyema,” he said.

Mr Tamboka appealed to the people of Mangango to have a free violence election, and to exercise their right without being intimidated by politicians.

He however advised politicians who had failed to deliver their campaign promises to give chance to other people who could do it.