Caritas query Mufumbwe poverty funds usage

The social welfare programme run by government for the vulnerable in Mufumbwe is allegedly being abused by some committee members at the expense of the community, says Mufumbwe Caritas Kalengwa Community representative David Khumbi.

Mr Khumbi called on the government to quickly intervene so that funds could begin to reach the intended targets, the vulnerable citizens.

He said the programme appeared not to be benefitting the intended beneficiaries’ in Mufumbwe because some identified households in communities were not accessing funds from the same programme.

“In my community, 86 households were identified as beneficiaries but to date no funds have been released to these people. It appears as if there are some people who are benefiting from such a pr0gramme and not the identified ones,” he said.

Mr Khumbi accused some committee members of the social welfare programme of biasness in the execution of funds.

“We are appealing to government to intervene in the operations of the social programme that is meant to benefit the people. It is not fair that some people are benefiting from the same programme at the expense of the poor,”

“Our local people have been left out, despite having identified almost 86 household in the area, which is really a source of worry,” said Mr Khumbi.

He demanded for a fair share of the resources meant to benefit vulnerable people especially in rural areas.

“If these funds are not reaching the people they are intended for then it will be better that funding is suspended until a more transparent administration of the programme is put in place,” he said.

He explained that the people of Mufumbwe were aware of some selfish individuals who have been enriching themselves from the programme by employing underhand methods in its execution.

And Mr Khumbi further said the people of North Western Province were not benefitting from the mines in the region because investors were allegedly only interested in their profits. He said North-Western Province still lagged behind in development despite being the financial base of Zambia following the development of new mines.