Growing unemployment levels worry OYV

Operation Young Vote says nothing will sustainably address the problem of unemployment more rapidly than creating opportunities for people on the streets.

OYV executive director Guess Nyirenda said only a few people were benefitting from government resources meant to benefit all the citizens, which was a source of concern.

He said youths projects in the country should closely be monitored to ensure that many young people benefitted from them.

“We have seen that only a few youths are benefiting from the various youth projects in Zambia. This is worrisome because resources released from government are meant to benefit all the people,” he said

Mr Nyirenda said streets were being flooded with unemployed youths trying to make their ends meet by doing small businesses.  “It is unfortunate that the pronouncements about job opportunities have never come to pass because the number of youths still wallowing in streets trying to meet the daily demands of life is growing by the day,” he said.

“How can we say digging trenches should be interpreted as jobs creation, instead we want real jobs that will sustain the lives of people,” he said.

Mr Nyirenda said it was unfair for national resources to only go to those who were close to people in government.

He advised politicians to stop politicising issues of national development because such tendencies were detrimental to economic development.