Show proof of Sata’s meetings in Israel

Government has been challenged to show the footage and results of meetings President Michael Sata is holding with his Israeli counterpart Shimon Perez as he is on a working holiday.

And civil rights activist Brebner Changala has appealed to Vice President Guy Scott to stop playing games about President Sata’s visit to Israel charging that the Vice-President had taken Zambians for granted for far too long.

Former State House senior private secretary Rabson Chilufya said Zambians would only stop speculating on the secret activities if the people handling the presidency religiously followed the protocol of presidency management.

Mr Chilufya said nation should also be told when President Sata’s advance party left Lusaka for Tel Aviv.

He said it was disheartening to note that the handling of the presidency at State House had gone out of hand and that Cabinet office was not doing enough to correct the situation.

Mr Chilufya said it was an embarrassment that Cabinet and other senior officials at State house had lamentably failed to hand the office of the presidency resulting into confusion that caused mockery of the office of the Presidency.

He advised the Patriotic Front not to bring new rules in the management of the Presidency.

Mr Chilufya said Cabinet knew what should be done when handling the office of the President and that there should be no excuse or lapses in information management.

He explained that during his time at State House, he and his team did an excellent job in the management of the office of the president during the reign of president Levy Mwanawasa and president Rupiah Banda.

“It is a shame that government only thought of releasing a statement after being pressed by the people to explain the whereabouts of President Sata. When the President is going out of the country it is their duty to tell the people and there should always be a report of what the Head of State would be doing where he was visiting.

“Why is it that there is so much secrecy on the movement of President Sata? Can government tell us what they are hiding and why they want to treat the President as if he is an ordinary person when he is a President of the people of Zambia? The persons managing President Sata should learn to say the truth because he is human and he can fall sick,” Mr Chilufya said.

He said it was sad that there were so many conflicting statements on the whereabouts of the Head of State but demanded that only the truth would help clear all the speculation.

Mr Chilufya advised State House officials not to be embarrassed to consult the past office holders as this would help in the manner certain issues were handled.

And Mr Changala said it was unacceptable for Dr Scott to think Zambians were gullible, unintelligent and impotent to comprehend the mystery surrounding President Sata’s impromptu visit to Israel.

Mr Changala said it was annoying for Dr Scott to tell Zambians that government did not know when President Sata was going to come back from his working holiday in Israel.

He said Dr Scott must not run away from the fact that the biggest challenge Zambians were facing since the PF formed government was the inability to come out and state the true position on President Sata’s health.

“President Sata is the property of Zambians and not Chuck Norris who can go missing in action and expect Zambians to enjoy and clap on his disappearing acts. It will not do to go round in circles hiding Mr Sata from the public.

If Dr Scott and his government do not know when President Sata is coming back, then who should know?” Mr Changala said.