South UPND ready for Munkombwe

UPND in Southern Province has vowed to take on the PF in all future by-elections and prove that the ruling party is dead in the region.

UPND provincial secretary Winerson Ng’uni said Southern Province PF chairman Daniel Munkombwe  should admit that his party has lost popularity in the entire nation because of unpopular decisions its leadership had been making.

“This time around, UPND will not leave any space to Mr Munkombwe  who has continued to be a political traitor, UPND is sure of winning all the seats in future elections.

“Mr Munkombwe is watching PF abuse the Public Order Act to detain UPND officials; but I would like to remind him that time will tell whether he is a political giant to puncture our party here (Southern). The politics of people like Munkombwe are long gone in Zambia,” he said.

Mr Ng’uni said UPND would scoop all local government and parliamentary by-elections in the region  to prove to PF that its time was over.

He said UPND would not allow PF to play with people’s minds by making false statements just to hoodwink the voters.

Mr. Ng’uni accused  Mr Munkombwe of abusing tax payers’ money by touring the province to campaign for PF in his capacity as provincial  minister.

“When UPND forms government in 2016, we will demand that all PF ministers including Mr Munkombwe to account for all their travel expenses. All their expenses will be subjected to scrutiny.

“PF has brought hunger and poverty in Southern Province which used to be known as a food basket in the past,” he said.

Mr Ng’uni said Mr  Munkombwe and the entire PF should admit that no one can defect to the ruling party because it was no longer attractive.

“ Let him state clearly which people defected in Siavonga because as far as we are concerned, our party and its leadership are all intact so which people defected?” he asked

Mr Ng’uni said PF has lost popularity within the shortest period it has been in power because of tribalism and poor leadership.

He  said the PF was a finished political party because of its lies which had contributed to the destruction of the country’s economy.

“What can Munkombwe tell the people of Siavonga which can make them support or join PF? Absolutely nothing. Zambians cannot be fooled by the PF government on almost all  national issues again,” said Mr Ng’uni.