MPs protest over Scotts Parley statement

Members of Parliament yesterday protested against Vice-President Guy Scott for misleading the House and the nation by suggesting that President Michael Sata was in Israel on a working Holiday when the Head of State was in Tel Aviv for medical treatment.

Sinda MMD Member of Parliament Levy Ngoma in his point of order on Dr Scott statement in Parliament on Wednesday wondered whether government was in order to claim that President Sata was in Israel on a working holiday when foreign media reports such as the Jerusalem Post had reported that the Head of State was receiving medical treatment.

And Parliament has ratified Musa Mwenye and Abraham Mwansa as Attorney General and Solicitor General respectively.

Making the submission in parliament yesterday, the parliamentary Select Committee tasked to recommend the Presidential appointments of Mr. Mwenye and Mr. Mwansa recommended the ratification of the duo.

However, Committee chairperson Given Lubanda noted that although parliament was ratifying the duo, the offices they were being ratified for were not vacant.

Mr. Lubinda said the suitability of nominees to be appointed to the office of Attorney General and Solicitor General where in fact at the time of the scrutiny, not vacant.

“Sir, at the time of scrutinizing the suitability of Mr. Musa Mwenye for the Attorney General of Zambia the office of Attorney General was held by Mumba Malila. At that time Mr. Malila’s suitability to be appointed to hold the position of Judge of the Supreme Court of Zambia was under parliamentary scrutiny. As the House may recall Mr. Malila’s appointment to serve as Supreme Court Judge was only ratified last week. One month after your committee was tasked to scuritize the suitability of his successor,” Mr. Lubinda said.

He also remarked that it was the same with the office of the Solicitor General of which the committee was tasked to find the suitability of Abraham Mwansa was occupied by Mr. Mwenye.

“It is your committee’s well considered view that it is un-tide and presumptuous to scrutinize and recommend the ratifications of the nominees’ to save in offices that are not yet vacant. Particularly, sir when the creation of those offices is the subject to parliament’s approval,” said Mr. Lubinda.

Monze Central Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu objected to the ratification of Mr. Mwansa because he was allegedly a PF cadre whose decision would be compromised.

“Mr. Speaker I would like to make submission patterning to the appointment and the subsequent ratification of Mr. Mwenye and Mr. Mwansa to their respected offices.  The difficulties encountered by previous Attorney Generals and Solicitor General in the discharge of their duties. It is a fact that these individuals are supposed to be chief legal advisors to government.

Members of the opposition have noted with concern that in the executive there are cantankerous, insedulous individuals who have no feeling for the members of the public and even if you advise such individuals they will refuse the advice with impunity and that is what we see now.

”We are aware that currently there are issues of the constitution, the Public Order Act which these individuals should help or advise government on, but government has decided with impunity the advice,” said Mr. Mwamba.

He said this garrulous conduct should not be acceptable, adding that the nation had spent huge sums of money over the constitution.

Lukulu Member of Parliament Misheck Mutelo also objected the ratification of Mr. Mwansa saying that he had applied to contest as Member of Parliament on the PF ticket but was not adopted and therefore, to be ratified as Solicitor General, he was not expected to be impartial in the manner he was going to advise government.