I‘ll form political party if…

Patriotic Front Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has given a slight hint about his future political prospects, saying he will form a political party if the need arises.

And Mr. Mwamba who is popularly known as GBM says he will not impose himself on the people of Kasama if they decided they no longer needed his services.

In an interview on Thursday, the PF Kasama Central parliamentarian said he would only form a political party if need arose for a new political party with new ideologies.

Mr. Mwamba said he had the capacity to form a political party and run it effectively and efficiently.

However, he said he was still a loyal member of the PF and would want to contribute to the well-being of the people of Zambia by supporting his current political party.

He said  Zambians were not interested anymore in people who promise what they cannot fulfill, adding that it would be a tall order for anyone to think that they would get Kasama central easily.

“I can only form a political party if need arises demanding for a new political party. I can also run that political party so effectively and efficiently.

I am a Zambian who should effectively participate in the governance of the country,” said Mr. Mwamba.

Asked to comment on whether he would want to form a political party in an event that he was not re-adopted to contest in 2016 or expelled from the ruling party, Mr. Mwamba said he would not impose himself on the people of Kasama and would not allow people to determine his destiny, saying that he would form a political party when need arises.

Mr. Mwamba wondered why some PF members were debating his parentage now saying that those questioning his parentage were free to investigate his roots as there was still time for any form of investigation against him rather than talking in secrecy and private meeting.

“I come from Munkonge in Kasama, Northern Province and both my parents come from there. I want to tell people such as Willy Nsanda who has no direction, to send a team to go and investigate because I am sure that it is only Willy Nsanda who can say such a laughable statement because even the time he went to Kasama, he told people the same thing,” he said.

Mr. Mwamba alleged that Mr Nsanda was among the people who were peddling falsehoods about his parentage within and outside the party.

“I know all these issues of the formation of a political party where they are coming from. It is Willy Nsanda behind these falsehoods. I am a busy man who will not spend much of my time to debate falsehoods,” said Mr. Mwamba.

Asked to state when he would form that political party, Mr. Mwamba said that he was still PF and would for now want to help the party deliver its promises to the people of Kasama where he was elected.

“I will not impose myself on the people of Kasama, they know what they want if they still want me to continue as a Member of Parliament I will but if they don’t, I will not. I am not like others who want to get an adoption at all cost even when they are not wanted by the people,” said Mr. Mwamba.

He said Kasama was his home town but that he was just like any other resident in the region and therefore, people in Kasama have the power to make leaders of their own choice.

Mr. Mwamba also dared attempts to have him expelled from the party saying, Zambians and in particular the people of Kasama were intelligent on who should be elected as their Member of Parliament and not people he described as political opportunists.

When contacted for a comment Mr. Nsanda said that GBM was his young brother and would not engage him through newspaper stories.

“Ulya GBM mwaice wandi, nabeleshanyafye nankwe. So teti ena alande if naine nalande ifi,” he said.