Munkombwe is anti one Zambia, one nation’

Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe is number one enemy of the Tonga speaking people and shall be taken on in order for him to stop the destruction he has created in the province by dividing the people on political and cultural values, the Tonga Tradition Association (TTA) president Dickson Namanza has charged.

Mr. Namanza noted with sadness that people in the province were ashamed to have elders in the region who still believed in divide and rule tactics.

He accused Mr. Munkombwe of being anti-One Zambia One Nation, saying the minister’s political failure was being tribal.

Mr. Namanza claimed that Mr. Munkombwe had outlived his usefulness for suggesting that he would puncture opposition UPND in the province.

He said Mr Munkombwe’s declaration was a sign of failure to understand democracy in a multi-party democracy.

“I want to remind Mr. Munkombwe that the province is not about him but about all the people of Zambia and this issue of him promising to puncture other political players is unfortunate and uncalled for. We are also aware that the party he belongs to now is a violent party,” said Mr. Namanza.

He said Mr. Munkombwe as a father in the province should reflect on his political contribution to Zambia as the nature of politics he was practising was retrogressive.

Mr Namanza said    puncturing the opposition was an attempt to wipe out the opposition in the country, which should not be allowed.

“I just want to remind President Michael Sata that Mr. Munkombwe was a close ally of former President Rupiah Banda and most of us feel that he was part of the people who misled the former head of state and after finishing him politically, they dumped him and jumped to the PF,” he said.

The traditionalist observed that Mr. Munkombwe had no political influence on the people in the province as they (people) had independent minds to decide who they should support on the basis of their commitment to governance.

He said it was strange and shocking that Mr. Munkombwe was still practising and promoting the vigilant kind of politics, which he said was outdated.

“Because he has talked about puncturing the opposition in Southern Province, we shall squarely face him too. We shall protect the belief of the people of Zambia. This is not tribal but a belief in our people,” said Mr. Munkombwe.