NAREP demands audit of Kabwata CDF account

NAREP Kabwata Constituency Chairman Zuwa Sinkamba has called upon the office of the Auditor General to do a re-audit and give a publication of a report of how Constituency Development Fund (CDF) has been disbursed and utilized by the councillors in Kabwata.

Mr Sinkamba said he was disappointed in the manner the CDF has been utilised in the constituency considering a number of challenges the area was still facing.

He said that it was disappointing that some individuals were taken a wrong approach in dealing with issues affecting citizens and that it was only the audit that would determine on how the funds were used.

“We feel there is no transparency in the way the fund has been used, looking at uncollected garbage, unsanitary conditions in the markets, ungraded roads, dilapidated and undeveloped social amenities and the unprecedented increase of bars/pubs and illicit social events are the order of the day,” he said.

Mr Sinkamba said it was important to involve the general public by calling them to public discussion forums to discuss the problems affecting the constituency.

“In these forums the general public will be able to address their concerns and offer solutions on how they feel the CDF should be utilized, unlike doing things secretly without telling people on how you go about with certain things, even if the right channels are followed,” he said. Mr Sinkamba said involvement of citizens was the best ever style of dealing with community problems, adding that the general public should take keen interest in the way constituencies were run.

And Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection media and information officer Tendai Banda said the misuse of CDF was rampant in some constituencies.  Ms Banda said it was important for the MPs to take time and explain to the people how the funds were utilised because it was meant for the people, and not pocket money.

She said the CDF was meant to develop the areas so that their condition of living was uplifted.