Modernisation of Chibolya underway

Government says plans to modernise the infamous Chibolya compound in Lusaka have reached an advanced stage.

Kanyama member of Parliament Gerry Chanda said the government was in discussions with various stakeholders on the roadmap to upgrade the township.

“We are going back to the people to table the upgrading of the area as a modern settlement area,” Colonel Chanda said.

He said a master plan to improve the compound to a high class residential area were already in place, but that government was currently in the process of securing funding for the project.

Chibolya Conpound known for its high crime including illicit drug trade was recently a hive of activity when a joint operation by the Zambia Police and the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) raided the area with over 90 people arrested for various crimes including drug possession.

The area falls under Kanyama Constituency in Lusaka, and its proximity to the central business district has been a matter of concern as an unplanned settlement.

He said the plan included improvement of the road infrastructure, the quality of housing structures and others which include water and sewer services.

And Col Chanda has expressed concern on lack of sanitation system in his Constituency.

He said the lack of a sanitation system in his constituency was a danger to underground water which provides 90 percent of the water to Kanyama.

The lawmaker said there was high risk of contamination of the water table as most households in the area used pit latrines.

“It is a time-bomb with grave consequences because the people are at risk of drinking water mixed with feacal matter. This has risks of a disease outbreak due to the contamination,” he said. He has since appealed to all stakeholders including the residents, councillors and the Lusaka Water and Sewerage (LWSC) to address the problem in Kanyama to avoid a disaster in the near future.

According to statistics from the LWSC, out of 87,000 houses, only 5,730 houses have toilet facilities while others use toilets at the bars, and also flying toilets in empty opaque beer packs.

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  1. This same MP admitted in 2012 that nobody wanted toilets and they chased him out of the area.
    So now he wants to try and demolish their homes to build new ones. Will government give them cheap loans or at over 28%?
    Sata promised all this in 90 days.

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