NAREP ticks off ‘ignorant’ PF ministers

The people of Zambia have lost confidence in some Patriotic Front (PF) cabinet ministers because they have failed to articulate national issues, says National Restoration Party (NAREP) secretary general Jevan Kamanga.

Mr Kamanga said a good number of cabinet ministers had failed to handle their ministries in a manner expected of them.

“We now fully agree with President Sata’s statement that his ministers are useless because some of them have failed to handle their ministries in a manner expected of them, but instead are busy commenting on issues they do not even understand,” he said.

Mr Kamanga said the PF ministers were good at exchanging words against themselves in a bid to embarrass one another in public, forgetting that such behaviour only showed how incompetent they were.

“We have seen drama at its best under this government where one minister issues a statement only later to be reversed by another minister,” he said.

Mr Kamanga said the people of Zambia expected a government to be giving clear position and directions on various issues, but instead it had continued to lie which was a demonstration that it had failed in its duties. Mr Kamanga said the current crop of minister under the PF government did not inspire confidence as some ministers seemed to be misguided and uninformed.

He said the PF had failed to fulfill the promises it made to Zambians during their 2011 election campaigns, and yet it expected the people of Zambia to remain mute.