Zambians demand bold answers

Unless Government gathers enough courage to publicly address the concerns of Zambians over President Michael Sata’s abrupt departure for Israel, it seems members of the public will keep on asking questions about his health and procedures which preceded his departure.

So far no one, including the acting President Wynter Kabimba and the Vice President Guy Scott, is willing to volunteer information on Mr Sata’s health and the reasons why there were so many protocol breaches prior to his trip.

All the people asking legitimate questions are being branded negative names and threatened with arrests.

What those who are controlling State power now are failing to understand is that Mr Sata is not their President alone but a leader for all Zambians.

Mr Sata was not only voted for by Patriotic Front members but also ordinary Zambians who need to know his whereabouts and what he is doing.

Those controlling power should know that Mr Sata is using tax payer’s money to be in Israel, hence Zambians deserve an explanation from Government about what their President is doing.

If indeed Mr Sata is on a working holiday meeting investors, Zambians would by now have heard something from Israel.

It is surprising that ten days after President Sata left the country, there has not been any information regarding his working holiday.

Zambians have not heard about the kind of investors their President is meeting at the expense of their tax.

If information circulating that Mr Sata’s abrupt departure from Zambia was necessitated by ill-health, then the people have the right to know whether procedure was followed in appointing an acting President.

We are not personalising the appointment of an acting President but merely asking constitutional questions which Government should endeavour to answer.

Remember, there were similar questions which were asked when President Levy Mwanawasa died in France in 2008.

People, including members of the Patriotic Front, wanted to know whether the Vice President Rupiah Banda was left with the instruments of power and Government responded in the affirmative.

The problem Zambians are facing with the Patriotic Front leadership is that they believe they have the monopoly of wisdom and are answerable to no one.

They believe they can breach Government protocols at will without being noticed.

The Patriotic Front should know that they are not the first to have formed Government to do as they please.

They are only the third political party to have held political power in Zambia others being United National Independence Party and the Movement for Multi-party Democracy.

 Some of those former leaders are still alive and understand governance procedures.

The Patriotic Front should know that time has a way of sorting out circumstances and anything not clearly explained now, can be corrected in future but with grave consequences.

What the people are demanding are answers to legitimate questions which have not been answered since the abrupt departure of President Sata for Israel.

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One Response to “Zambians demand bold answers”

  1. Monitor H.Mweene says:

    Why is it that the Police service will not initiate an arrest unless ordered by the powers that be. I see this as an anomaly. The men and women in uniform must be professional in their execution duty . There allegiance is to the law of the land and not to the power that be. In the current setup the police service system is in disarray and it is not in line with the expectations of the majority of the average learned zambians. I don’t think it is right for anyone to comit a ‘political crime’ in full view of a police officer and then the officer walks from the scene of the incident to await for ‘formal’ complaint from the assaulted. This police officer must discharged of his duties for negligence. Where is the system failure is it the ill designed constitution or complacent police service. For Our democracy to flourish and become the main to get our country Zambia develop we need a well organised, well trained and a well motivated police service. In the current setup the police service is doing the country Zambia more harm than good and requires urgent overhaul to get it aligned with wishes of people in our country Zambia. We need the involvement of the stake holders (government, non government) to come up with a workable policy to guide the way the men and women in uniform should carry out their duties.