Chief Chibesakunda challenges Sata

Tradition ruler Sylvester Kapeso Kapuma of Northern Province has challenged President Michael Sata to explain why he has refused to recognize him as Chief Chibesakunda when there is aHigh Court ruling of 2011 which gave power to the BISA Royal Establishment of Mutambe to choose the new chief.

Mr Kapuma who said he was duly elected as Chief Chibesakunda said President Sata should learn to verify and consult on information regarding succession in chiefdoms other than forcing himself on matters he did not fully understand.

Chief Chibesakunda told the Daily Nation that President Sata should have given audience to the BISA royal establishment before rushing to impose Mr Bob Bwembya Luo as chief Chibesakunda whom the Electoral College had not recognised.

The chief said that it was sad that people in Mutambe were now being victimized for not recognizing Mr Luo as their chief but wondered why he (Luo) could not avail himself to people of Mutambe.

The traditional leader also complained that government had neglect the people of Northern Province as there was no meaningful development taking place in the region.

“The problems in our area are many but the greatest is failure by government to recognise the duly appointed chiefs. We wonder why the Minister of Traditional and Chiefs Affairs is misleading the President on issues of succession. So many things have gone wrong and we want to remind our minister that tradition shall always be there no matter who is in office.

“As people of Mutambe we are worried that this government has decided to over look the High Court ruling of May 2011 in which the exparte order or injunction granted earlier was discharged forthwith. Justice Elita Mwikisa gave the powers to the people of Mutambe and the mandate to choose their chief but we don’t understand why this government has decided not to recognize the decision of the Royal Electoral College,” Chief Chibesakunda said.

And chairperson for the royal establishment Mr Clapperson Mubanga said it was shocking that the current PF leadership had refused to recognise the decisions of the royal establishment.

Mr Mubanga said the people of both Northern and Muchinga provinces have suffered enough because of government’s continued interference in the succession matters.

And Chief Chibesakunda said failure by the Head of State to recognise the appointment of Mr Henry Kanyanta Sosala as the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu has affected the people of both Muchinga and Northern provinces.

He said failure by government to recognise Mr Sosala as the duly elected Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people had impacted badly on the two provinces.

I it was impossible for the people of Northern Province to attain meaningful development because the Chitimukulu who was to be representing the people to government had not been given a chance to do so.


He urged government to seriously resolve the wrangles in all chiefdoms before they took the law in their own hands.