Major events after President Michael Sata left for Israel

Friday, 20th June 2014:  President Sata leaves for Tel Aviv, Israel,  at an unknown hour

Saturday, 21st June 2014: The country wakes up to a flood of online media   rumours that the President had been evacuated.     State House military  sentries still at main gate Sunday 22nd June, 2014:  Government announces President Sata’s arrival in    Tel Aviv in Israel, Military sentries removed from State House main  entrance, Defence Minister Edgar Lungu blames         Dr Roland Msiska over the miscommunication over sentries.

Sunday 22nd June 2014:  Government spokesperson, Mwansa announces    Wynter Kabimba is  Acting President.

Tuesday 24th June 2014:  Vice-President Guy Scott tells BBC that the rumours   of President Sata’s ill health were being perpetrated by a minority group    from the South of the country.

Thursday 26th June 2014:The Jerusalem Times reports that President Sata was   in an Israel hospital

Friday 27th June 2014:      Speculation begins that Mr Kabimba is acting illegally.

Monday 30th June 2014:  Mike Mulongoti challenges Dr Msiska over power    transfer. Dr Msiska declines to comment.

2 thoughts on “Major events after President Michael Sata left for Israel

  1. Kabimba is acting president, let him be supported, other leaders have been acting too unless it means he is from a minority tribe too.Everyone should have been aware that Preident Sata had a lot of confidence in Kabimba hance he ignored all the calls to fire and expell him from PF.Help Kabimba to hold this country together in the time he is acting it is just too much on Kabimba. Mulongoti, just accept that Kabimba is the preident during this period, he has not stollen the power,it has just surprised you ‘ove tata.’Whom did you want to act? Parents have blessed their children in their dying minutes and the blessings have stuck then why should you fight Kabimba for being left the powers by a presided who was living as was able to walk to his presidential cub.He is not their permanently,but will handover when the boss comes back.For now let us follow Kabimba behind while you are preparing yourself for 2016,the year of ACTION!

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