MMD saved Zambia from one party tyranny

The misrule of the PF in the last three years has vindicated the MMD which warned the Zambian people that they were dealing with a dangerous group of people who would cause them to regret, MMD leader Dr Nevers Mumba has said.

Dr Mumba said Zambians had been taken on a disastrous boat ride to nowhere by the PF government and that not a single day passed without wondering where they were going.

He said that the PF was the most hypocritical government since independence and it had taken Zambians backwards a quarter of a century to the time when Zambians lived in fear of their own government.

The opposition leader was responding to PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba statement that Zambians were lucky that God gave them Michael Sata to redeem them from the MMD slavery and corruption.

Dr Mumba said that it was rather dishonest of Mr Kabimba to blatantly accuse the former ruling party mismanaging the country and attempt to reduce its 20-year rule to corruption when the scale of corruption in the PF government had reached unprecedented levels.

“How did they award the single-sourced tender for renovations of State House to their own Minister of Finance within weeks of assuming power? Why are there still many unanswered questions on the procurement of oil through Trafigura for which Mr Kabimba himself was investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) only to be acquitted under very questionable circumstances?

“Why does the Road Development Agency (RDA) report directly to State House? Why are there leaked bank statements in the public domain suggesting that large sums of money have been paid into the president’s personal bank account, allegedly as inducements to award multi-million Dollar road construction contracts? Why have Chinese Companies suddenly become the darlings of the PF when prior to 2011, they were accused of corrupt dealings with the MMD Government? Why was a banquet thrown for these companies when they were targets of threats to be repatriated upon PF getting into power? Who is really benefitting from the celebrated “unprecedented infrastructure development projects” of the PF,” Dr Mumba question.