VJ counsels Scott over hate, tribal speech

Vice-President Guy Scott is an irresponsible man who must learn to discipline his tongue before he speaks because at the rate he is going in issuing hate and divisive statements, there is a danger that he can create tribal conflicts in the country, veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga has charged.

And Oasis Forum has condemned Dr Scott for his tribal talk warning that the Vice-President had become a danger to the peace and political stability Zambia had enjoyed since independence and advised as a leader, he (Scott) must tender an apology to Zambians for his uncouth tribal sentiments.

Meanwhile, Chief Chikanta of Southern Province has urged Dr. Scott to stop dividing the country by suggesting that the Tonga speaking people were a minority grouping when their contribution to the independence of the country was immense.

In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr. Mwaanga said that Dr. Scott should term his tongue in order to stop injuring other people.

Mr. Mwaanga was commenting on Dr. Scott’s statements that a minority grouping of people from Southern Province was responsible for the rumours and speculations about President Sata’s working holiday to Israel which was only announced to the nation after his arrival in Tel Aviv.

He said that he considered Dr. Scott as an irresponsible man or leader warning that such careless talk had the potential to spark tribal conflicts in the country as well as other countries in the region.

“I can understand why my tribesmen are angry with that statement. I consider Guy Scott to be irresponsible and he might put us on war part with other countries. You saw what happened when he was interviewed in the United Kingdom and the comments he gave over South Africa. Today South Africans are unhappy with us. As a leader he should discipline his tongue. He must tame his tongue before he speaks,” Mr. Mwaanga said.

Mr. Mwaanga said that it was unacceptable, for Vice-President Scott to be the one promoting division in the country through suggesting that some tribe was a minority adding that: “I fought for independence for One Zambia, One Nation. It makes me sad to see Dr Scott issuing such a careless tribal statement,” he said.

And Oasis Forum spokesperson Father Cleophas Lungu has condemned the statement by Dr. Scott stating that only leaders who lack credibility and integrity would promote tribal and racial divisions in a country like Zambia.Fr. Lungu said that Dr. Scott should re-consider his statement because it was injurious to the nation’s peace and stability.He said that there was need for the leadership to demonstrate and reflect on the Zambian motto of One Zambia One Nation because the slogan was meant to promote harmony and unity.Meanwhile, Chief Chikanta of Kalomo district in the Southern Province has described the statement by Dr. Scott as unfortunate because it had the potential of destroying the country unity, peace and stability.Chief Chikanta who is the deputy chairperson of the House of Chiefs said that there were no minority tribes or grouping of people in Zambia stating that those promoting such hate speech against other tribes should search their souls and deeply reflect what kind of Zambia they wanted.

“Dr Scott is now propagating hatred

One thought on “VJ counsels Scott over hate, tribal speech

  1. Dr Scott must take the pipo’s reactions very seriously. Zambia has numerous problems where Lozis want to seceded, and calling the tribe in Southern province shows that the vice president has no regard with the southerners and does not care about them because they are a minority.Who are the superior then? ls it that the Lozis have realized that they are regarded as a minority and are not respected hence the minority would like to regroup,reorganization themselves and have self rue, what about the so called six (6) O’clock ‘ North Western, what are they?
    God chose Nazareth as a village where the savior would be born, he never looked at big cities such as jerusalem,And, Jesus was born of Mary and Joseph, poor people in a small village, a neglected village.This changed the history of the people of Israel and today we bless Nazareth and Bethlehem being the reason we even declare Zambia as a christian country.
    Mr Vice President,the God who created us is great.What you may see as great in your own eye, it is not in God’s eyes.God is a God of the oppressed,marginalised and small in human eyes.Our time to be great is determined by God,we wait for that day when the Lord will call us to his Kingdom and then the great shall be known but not now sir. MULINAKU WEZAHO!

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