Pule plans KCM repossession

Christian Democratic Party (CDP) president Dan Pule says his party will repossess Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) if it forms government in 2016.

Dr. Pule has labelled PF as regional in its appointment of people to cabinet, saying over 70 per cent of people holding ministerial positions were from the Northern region at the expense of other tribes.

Featuring on Millennium Radio, ‘The Interview’ programme yesterday, Dr. Pule who is an Apostle said Zambia was losing out on revenue by dubious companies avoiding paying tax.

He said it was the desire and wish of his party that Zambians benefited from the mines and other investments.

Dr. Pule said if the PF did not want to repossess KCM from the Vedanta Resources group of companies, his party would take over once he becomes President of the nation.

“If the PF government does not take back KCM, we shall take it back and give it to Zambians and invite more genuine investors to invest in the mine when we take power or voted into office in 2016,” said Dr. Pule.

He said other reasons why the Zambian government need to get back the KCM was that of tax evasion, adding that from his own admission KCM was making huge profits and yet evaded tax.

“In his own confession, Anil Argawal who is the owner of KCM has admitted that they were raking in big profits from the mine in Zambia. These people have not brought in any investment expected. So this company needs to be taken back to enable government find serious and genuine investors just like we did with Zamtel,” said Dr. Pule.

He said when investors come to Zambia, they need to partner with Zambians unlike the mistakes the MMD government made during the privatisation of government owned institutions.

Dr Pule said during the privatisation under the MMD government, there was no emphasis on Zambian participation in the running of companies hence the current situation which was unZambian.

And Dr. Pule said the PF government should take the Barotseland discourse with the seriousness the matter deserves.

He said the PF and President Sata have an opportunity to address the matter now because he promised the people of Western Province the restoration of the agreement.

“I would advise government to talk about it (Barotseland Agreement). The President had promised to deal with the issue. President Sata has an opportunity now to sit-down and talk about this issue because he promised the people in the area together with Barotse Royal Establishment and see how the matter would be resolved just like we won independence, they should talk together,” said Dr. Pule.

He said some of the reasons why people had brought up such issues were as a result of tribal appointments by President Sata where he had made it clear in his appointment of people from the North region to various cabinet position, in the foreign service and other civil service position.

Dr. Pule urged President Sata to take a leaf from second President Frederick Chiluba whose rule focused more on unifying the nation.

He said Dr. Chiluba was a man of unity as he involved all stakeholders, tribes and regions in the governance of the nation.

“The key is issue here is unity, I worked with Dr. Chiluba, this man was a uniting man, he involved all stakeholders and all the tribes into government but what has happened now is that the PF government appoints people from the Northern region and leave out other regions to key government position,” he said.

“More than 70 percent of cabinet appointments in Mr. Sata’s government come from one region, I come from Northern part of Zambia and it is not good for the country. And I cannot accept a job because I don’t need a job from Mr. Sata. I have no intention of joining his cabinet, I campaigned with him and believed in his manifesto, but most of these things have not been fulfilled,” Dr. Pule said.

Dr. Pule said he believed that it was possible for the PF to give Zambians a constitution within 90 days if the party in power committed itself.

“When I listened to Guy Scott talking about the constitution, it is like there is a mockery, this man is not serious. He is talking about how they will proceed when what they have to do is to publicise the document as submitted to them,” he said.