Scott a potential danger to national security – UPND

Opposition UPND says remarks by Vice President Guy Scott during his recent BBC interview have proved that he is divisive and a potential danger to national security.

UPND vice president Richard Kapita said the manner in which the Veep had handled speculations about President Michael Sata’s health showed how irresponsible and careless he (Scott) was when handling important national issues.

Mr Kapita observed that Zambians had been asking for more details on the nature of the trip because Mr Sata was a public property using tax payers’ money.

He said Dr Scott’s interview with the BBC basically insulted and demeaned the entire people of Southern Province when he claimed that they were just a minority tribal grouping that were campaigning to take over power.

“There have been contradicting statements from the Israel and other international media regarding Mr. Sata’s trip to Israel,

“Since when did the Israeli media, Reuters, Voice of America, Associated Press, BBC, and many who have been writing stories on Mr  Sata’s trip to Israel become UPND members?

He said that in fact, some private citizens who were not UPND members had even requested for a medical board to ascertain the health status of President Sata.

The opposition leader further said that the efforts by Dr Scott to reduce such a debate and accuse the UPND of peddling rumours about President Sata’s health was a failed attempt to win public sympathy over his careless handling of national issues.

He said UPND had information that government would use some media houses to rub its irresponsible acts because it believed the media was its big enemy.

Mr Kapita said at no time did the UPND leadership ever wished Mr. Sata ill-health and that their party leader Hakainde Hichilema was on record saying that he always prayed for Mr. Sata’s good health so that he could sort out the many challenges this country was facing.

He said Dr Scott should bear in mind that Zambians had only one country in which they cherished the peace and tranquility they had enjoyed over the years.

“His divisive remarks sometimes laced with racial undertones like when he made reference to monkeys in describing opposition MP’s  behaviour cannot go unchallenged. UPND wants to call on all Zambians who care about our unity to condemn this man in the strongest terms,” he said.

He advised Dr Scott and other national leaders and citizens to refrain from issuing irresponsible and careless statements that had the potential to divide the nation.


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