Tonga chief blasts Scott

Vice President Guy Scott should not be allowed to divide the nation on tribal lines, Senior Chief Bright Nalubamba has said.

And former Private Secretary to former President Levy Mwanawasa (late), Rabson Chilufya says there is no place in Zambia for  Dr Scott to insult people in the manner he has.

In an interview yesterday from Mbeza in Namwala, Southern Province, senior Chief Nalubamba of the Ila speaking people said he was disappointed with Dr. Scott’s utterances which he (Nalubamba) labeled as ‘silly village jokes.’

Senior Chief Nalubamba said Dr. Scott had justified that the PF party was a bad party and a bad government with bad leaders who go round insulting people based on tribe, race, religion and association.

“He must stop insulting people like that; I am very disappointed with him. He must know that he is a Vice President for everyone and not for his tribesmen if he has any whether they agree or disagree with him. The only thing that he has successfully shown is that the PF is a bad party, with bad people and bad leaders,” said Senior Chief Nalubamba.

The traditional leader said he was annoyed with Dr. Scott’s statement suggesting that Tongas were a minority grouping of people wanting to take over government by spreading rumours that President Sata was sick and people should start preparing for a by-election.

Senior Chief Nalubamba said he had expressed his views on the matter and if the President wanted to see him when he returns back home, he was available to meet him and express his displeasure over Dr. Scott hate tribal and racial speeches.

He said he did not expect the PF to be insulting people in the manner they were doing, adding that their conduct had the potential and capacity of dividing the nation on tribal, race and association lines.

“Who is Guy Scott? What is good in him to go round and insult people in the manner he is doing? Does he have something to do?

Let him concentrate on fulfilling the promises he made to the people of Zambian rather than insulting us. He has insulted all Zambians and not only Tongas. This man is a bad man. Let him resign for inciting tribal politics in Zambia,” said Senior Chief Nalubamba.

He reminded Dr. Scott that the PF was not his property to use to insult people who did not agree with him and his policies.

“If Scott is a leader in government, he must change and offer respect to the people of Zambia regardless of tribe, race, religion and their creed.

He must change his attitude and he has to know that I will not be kind to him when we meet. How can he insult us like that as if we are his children.

There is nothing good in him. The best he should do is to apologise to the people of Southern Province,” demanded Senior Chief Nalubamba.

Senior Chief Nalubamba also said when President Sata returns he would tell him that he did not like Dr. Scott’s insults.

And former private secretary to President Mwanawasa, Mr. Chilufya said Dr. Scott’s insults were putting the country at risk from both within and outside the nation.

He said Dr. Scott was planting seeds of hate in the country, adding that he should not take Zambians for granted.

“Dr. Scott has no tribe here, this man doesn’t care what happens to this country no wonder he has been looking for an opportunity to create trouble for our country. I understood the concerns by Mr Vernon Mwaanga over South Africa. Scott insulted that country and these are serious issues the PF should have addressed with this man.

And now he wants tribes to start fighting among each other, we shall not bow down to his schemes. At least we know that he is a violent man who doesn’t believe in one Zambia one nation,” said Mr. Chilufya.

2 thoughts on “Tonga chief blasts Scott

  1. Guy Scott’s insult on the Tonga speaking people due to the ZWD and other online media publicising the president’s health is very misguided. Online newspapers have become the media of choice among both opposition and yes, ruling party cadres because many times they provide latest and top secret information about what government leadership does. And this will continue beyond the PF in power, nothing personal. Online media will give information on some plan or action by government or PF and many times it happens just like they said, hence arguably their credibility. But how does this happen? Are they psychics? Online media has “correspondents” from all walks of life from top PF government officers even in Cabinet and State House to the common man on the street. Even our own wives are potential correspondents. In relation to top secret information, online media rely on senior PF government officials to provide it. It is not a secret that there are very few Tongas in high positions under PF. Most of the top government jobs including sensitive positions at State House are occupied by people from one region. These are the people who plan for sensitive activities like the recent secretive evacuation of the president. Soon after they have planned, many times before implementation even, their plans find their way on online publications. Who then hands over that information? Is it really Hamasaka or Zyambo they are closely pursuing? How does Hamasaka or Zyambo get hold of sensitive plans and secretes at State House or Cabinet? Is it therefore the Tonga speaking people of southern province at fault really? Even the assertion that online media are speculating over the president’s health is short of reality. Among the people that are with the president right now, there are “online correspondents” who will continue sending information secretly to their friends, wives or family members about the health of the president. And most, if not all, of them are Bembas. Guy Scott is barking up the wrong tree.
    The glorification on one hand and the demonization on the other of the ZWD and others as if they are psychics who read people’s minds and get information from PF government secret meetings by dubiously or by force are partly misplaced. All they do is receive information from PF itself which they then publicise. Without PF secret correspondents, ZWD and other online media have no story to tell on government confidential information. It is top PF officials who will be billionaires if one day the ZWD will become a billion dollar enterprise.
    Therefore Guy Scott is using a political tactic that is very dangerous as it has the potential of causing civil strife. Then he (Guy Scott) will be sipping Scottish Whisky in Scotland, watching us on CNN as we slaughter each other. Typical!

  2. Dr Scott’s bad behavior has not just started now. It just seems his actions are a tyrannical rule of the the PF government. We are the people who put you into those offices and so we are the keys to your well being in politics. But the attitude exhibited by the PF has always been questionable, childish and senseless time and again. Maybe just to remind you, when you were voted into power, people wanted positive change that good uplift the living standards, respect the rule of law and give the people the constitution that addresses there plight. Instead of working on these lines, Dr Scott is busy insulting the people, dividing them and abusing parliament proceeding by deliberately and unruly answering to point of orders put before him. Much he is a Zambian, his racial color does not give him any other nationality, but will die a Zambian. Remember Dr Scott, your days in government are numbered, Where is Dr Joyce Banda, Mr Lupiya Banda and many others today? If they left, then what should deter us from voting you out of power.? Please, watch your language and prove to be good leaders. Zambia can never be ruled with an iron fist, never!

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