Kitwe youths worry over Black Mountain

The prolonged silence from Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma over the future of the “Black Mountain” is worrying youths on the Copperbelt, says Kitwe district youth secretary Kaboba Mukuzo.

Mr Mukuzo has said that three months after government stopped all mining activities at the ‘Black Mountain” and police officers sent to guard it, nothing concrete is coming out of the Ministry of Mines.

“But despite halting the illegal mining activities at the “Black Mountain, its ownership has been put in secrecy, mystery and intrigue,

“The minister’s silence over the “Black Mountain” has left the youths in a dilemma, leading to serious speculations over its ownership,” said Mr Mukuzo.

He said the slug dump was a source of income for many unemployed youths in Kitwe and the Copperbelt at large.

Mr Mukuzo said the prolonged silence by the minister had caused concern to the youths whose future was dependent on the slug.

“The Kitwe District youth wing is greatly saddened and worried by the prolonged silence of the minister over the Black Mountain. It has been a source of income for many youths in Kitwe and the Copperbelt at large.

“We, the youths have been left in a dilemma, leading to many speculations. We would therefore like to make an earnest appeal to the minister to resolve this matter with the urgency it deserves,” Mr Mukuzo said.

And some residents of Wusakile whose children, husbands and other relatives earned their income from the “Black Mountain” warned that the PF government was taking their patience for granted.

Ms Christine Bwalya said the PF government should quickly resolve the problems of the “Black Mountain” because their patience was running out and youths may resort to unpleasant activities.

She said the PF government should quickly issue a statement over the matter.

“We have respect for the government and this is why we have kept quiet on the issue of the Black mountain, but it appears the government has taken our patience for granted. This is not good because the Black Mountain is the source of income for our husbands,” said Ms Bwalya.