Msiska hiding truth- Dora?

Zambians will continue speculating about the health and whereabouts of President Michael Sata unless Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska clearly explains the circumstances under which the Head of State left the country for Israel, former Petauke Central Member of Parliament (MP) Dora Siliya has said.

She said Dr Msiska should also explain the reasons why the military sentries remained at State House main entrance days after the President had left the country.

Ms Siliya has charged that the disorderliness, chaos and breach of governance procedure by the Patriotic Front (PF) government were as a result of lack of understanding of government etiquette and structures.

She said it was not necessary for Dr Msiska to adopt an evasive attitude in assuring Zambians that President Sata truly signed the transfer of the instrument of power to Mr Kabimba who has come under intense pressure on assertions that he was acting as President illegally.

Ms Siliya said Dr Msiska was raising more questions and speculation by refusing to explain the circumstances under which President Sata left the country for Israel and how he appointed Mr Kabimba to act as President.

“At the moment, tension and anxiety are high in the country because of the manner in which President Sata left the country for Israel. Everyone is questioning if indeed proper procedure was followed to hand over the instruments of power to Mr Kabimba to act as President. The speculations have largely been fueled by the fact that the normal order of doing things have not been done where the Vice-President acts as President. President Sata is an elected leader of the country and is accountable to the people of Zambia. Our colleague George Chellah seems to have no network wherever he is,” Ms Siliya said.

The Presidency will continue to be mismanaged until President Sata replaced Vice-President Guy Scott with someone who can act as President.

She has said that President Sata should not continue having Dr Scott as his Vice-President because his ceremonial position had created a constitutional crisis where unelected people were being appointed to act as president.

Ms Siliya told the Daily Nation in a statement that there was a lot of tension in the country because of how President Sata left the country for Israel for his working holiday and the speculation surrounding the transfer of the instruments of power of the President.

She said Zambians were genuinely asking whether constitutional procedure was followed for President Sata to hand over the instruments of power to Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba to act as republican President.

Ms Siliya said it was her considered view that the speculation and innuendoes would disappear once the constitutional crisis created by having a ceremonial Vice-President was addressed by the country having a Vice-President who would act as President each time the President was out of the country.

She has advised that following the inability by Dr Scott to act as President, it had become imperative for President Sata to appoint a bonafied Zambian citizen as Vice-President.

“We wish to urge President Sata to make this his first order of business upon his return so that Zambian families do not suffer unnecessary economic hardships at family level due to the uncertainty in the economy caused by speculation whenever he travels out of the country. We wish to see order in our government. Clear communication is critical, at the moment it is important to clear the doubts in the minds of Zambians that all is not well in the country,” Ms Siliya said.