Sata tells off Scott

Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata says remarks attributed to Vice President Guy Scott suggesting that he is disqualified to contest the republican presidency are inappropriate and acrimonious to the Patriotic Front and Zambians as a whole.

Mr Sata said in an interview from South Korea that the circumstances of his birth were completely different from those of Dr Scott and wondered how anybody could compare the two.

Dr Scott is alleged to have said that just as the Constitution of Zambia amended in 1996, barred some members of the PF like himself, Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda and Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata were also disqualified to contest the Republican Presidency.

“The circumstances of my birth are completely different from his (Dr Scott).  My mother was born on the Copperbelt.  I find the remarks attributed to the Vice President inappropriate, divisive and factually incorrect,” he said.

Mr Sata said as far as he was concerned, it was immaterial to begin debate on who was and who was not worthy of the republican presidency in the absence of the incumbent Head of State.

Mayor Sata said what was more significant to the people of Zambia was a leadership that focused on unity across ethnic or religious divide and not the divisive nature being exhibited in the second highest man of the land.

“Those are the things we should be talking about not idle chatter just because the substantive President is out of the office for a few days.

“As a patriotic nationalist, I remain committed to the development of my country and the social uplift of our people particularly our women and youths since they constitute the majority of our population,” he said.

He explained that as national leaders, theirs should be to initiate a resounding approach of hope for young people to encourage participation in developing the country’s economy.

On his parentage, Mr Sata explained that he was Zambian by birth and descent since Zambia was born in 1964.

“Dr Scott’s parents were British on the other hand. I cannot comment on others mentioned in the article.

“But as far as I’m aware, there is a ruling on former president Chiluba’s parentage which indicated that since he was born in a territory which later came to be defined as Zambia, of parents’ similarly born here, he was a Zambian, who was eligible to stand for the highest office in the land,” Mayor Sata said.