State not ready for Masumba

The case in which Former Deputy Minister of Sports Stephen Masumba has appealed against his conviction and jailing yesterday failed to take off because the State was not ready.

The State sought an adjournment because they allegedly received the submissions late and needed to study them.

But Masumba’s lawyers Mutakela Lisimba argued that they had served the documents on the State on June 18 and that it was unfortunate that the State was not ready.Judge Chalwe Mchenga granted the application and adjourned the case to August 8.

Masumba was jailed 12 months with hard labour.

He was jailed by the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court after being found guilty of obtaining employment at Lusaka Business Technical college (ZIBTC) as an accounting officer using a forged Accounting Diploma from the National Institute of Public Administration ( NIPA).

He is currently on bail awaiting the outcome of his appeal.

And Masumba said the people of Mufumbwe constituency in North-Western province were in pain because of his inconsistent visits to the area.Mr.Masumba said the inconsistence is as a result of many issues at hand which included his court case.He added that despite being in the background he was trying his level best to interact and ensure that development is seen in the constituency.Masumba said despite what he was going through, his constituents were behind him.