Scott alarming the nation

Vice-President Guy Scott has alarmed the nation by endorsing Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba as the only eligible candidate to contest the presidency on the ruling party’s ticket when Zambia has a sitting President in the name of Michael Sata, former special assistant to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema Edward Mumbi has charged.

Mr Mumbi demanded that Dr Scott tells Zambians what he knows about the health of President Michael Sata for him to have endorsed Kabimba who is Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general as the only senior and eligible candidate to contest the presidency under the ruling party’s ticket.

He said it was unZambian and immoral for Dr Scott to have started the succession talk in the PF when there was a sitting President in the name of Mr Sata.

Mr Mumbi told the Daily Nation that Dr Scott should also explain why he had disqualified Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata and Kabwata PF Member of Parliament (MP) Given Lubinda from contesting the presidency when the duo had never stated that they were interested in the position.

He said talking about who was going to succeed President Sata and who was eligible in the PF when there were serious speculation about President Sata’s health was not only morally unethical but alarming because President Sata was reported to be in Israel for medical attention.

Mr Mumbi said Dr Scott’s statement was a direct attack on the morality and integrity of the first family by disqualifying Mulenga Sata who was the son of President Sata.

He said Dr Scott had become extremely careless and divisive in his statements and that disqualifying Mulenga Sata from the presidency had created tension and anxieties among citizens.

Mr Mumbi stated that Dr Scott as the Vice-President and a close friend of President Sata should tell Zambians what he knew for him to have endorsed Mr Kabimba as the only senior PF leader to act as President and the only one eligible to be a presidential candidate.

He asked President Sata’s family to demand an apology from Dr Scott because his statement was malicious with a potential to create acrimony not only for the first family but also the nation as a whole.

“Talking about who is going to succeed President Sata or who is qualified to contest the presidency in the PF when there are serious speculations about the health of the Head of State is highly alarming.

It is total indiscipline and morally unethical on the part of Dr Scott to be making divisive statements in a country where he has the rare privilege of being the Vice-President. What Dr Scott has done is creating tension and anxiety not only in the family of President but also the country as a whole,” Mr Mumbi said.

He said Dr Scott had created an impression that Zambia was going through difficult times when the Vice President had told the nation that President Sata was away in Israel for a working holiday.

Mr Mumbi said Dr Scott and his friends had extremely mismanaged the presidency and that was why the visit of the Head of State to Israel had generated a lot of rumours and speculation.

He said the Vice-President was part of the governance system and should have done better in the way he had been making sensitive statements that bordered on what was currently happening in the country.

Mr Mumbi explained that Dr Scott being President’s close friend should have been the first one to protect the family and not attack his (Sata) family.

“The difference between success and failure hinges on the willingness to change and it would appear that Dr Scott has refused to change and he is dangerously dividing the country with his tribal sentiments. How does Dr Scott attack his friend who has given him the position of Vice-President in a country where there are millions of Zambians who could have been considered for the job.

We also want to know who else in the PF cabinet qualifies apart from Mr Kabimba who has already been endorsed,” Mr Mumbi said.

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  1. Ba Mumbi. Politics r interesting pa Zed. Lets wht this week will hold for us……!!!! Iliko bad pa Zed.

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