Scott must resign

Vice President Guy Scott should resign from his Cabinet position for allegedly making a mockery of the legislature, says former secretary to the Cabinet Skechley Sachika.

He said government was to blame for the speculation over President Sata’s health because Government leaders had allegedly continued to lie to the people of Zambia.

“Dr Guy Scott is a danger to Zambia as he has made a mockery of Parliament,” he said.

Dr Sachika said if Dr Scott cannot resign on his own, the PF central committee should pass a vote of no confidence in him so that he could step down from the position of Vice President.

“Speculations about the President’s health have been caused by government lies, because they have resorted to inconsistent statements on national issues,” he said.

Dr Sachika said the vice president should have known that President Sata was not a private citizen for his programmes to be secret and hidden to the people of Zambia who put him into office.

He said it was wrong for government to start threatening citizens who were merely discussing the President’s health because Mr Sata was not a private individual.

Dr Sachika said the constitution was clear as to who should act in the absence of the President, adding that if Dr Scott felt was not eligible, and then he was in a wrong position as vice president.

“If Dr Scott says he cannot act as President in the absence of the President then he is admitting that he does not qualify to be in his current position and should resign and give chance to people who are eligible to hold the position of Vice President,” he said.

Dr Sachika said it was unfortunate that political power rather than the rule of law was taking root in Zambia thereby making politicians allegedly break the law with impunity.

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  1. “….political power rather than the rule of law was taking root in Zambia…”
    Spot on Doc. Thanks for your watchful eye…

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