Father Bwalya doubts Zambia’s peace credentials

Zambia is not a peaceful country as reported in the recently relaesed Global Peace Index, says Alliance for Better Zambia president Fr Frank Bwalya.

Fr Bwalya said real peace in Zambia would only flourish when justice, the rule of law, good government and common sense become the order of the day.

He said Zambians should not be excited when some international organisation decscribed the country as peaceful because citizens were being subjected to negative peace.

Reacting to the Global Peace Index Report which rated Zambia as the third most peaceful country in Africa, Fr Bwalya described a peaceful country as that with the absence of war and large scale anarchy.

Fr Bwalya cited the instances of injustice and notorous violation of human rights which he said points out to the fact that Zambia’s was fragile.

“The world must be worried about Zambia because signs are there that our own peace can be lost. The human rights violation and manipulation of state institutions has the potential to break our peace.

“We are, therefore, calling upon international organisation and institutions that rate levels of peace and stability to take note of the reality of the judicial system in Zambia,” he said.

He urged Zambians not to allow selfish politicians and their allies to hijack state institutions including the judiciary as part of their evil scheme to control the country.

And Fr Bwalya urged Zambians to use this year’s Heroes and Unity days to pray for the emerging of new heroes and heroines.

“Given the blessing that this year’s celebration coincides with our independence golden jubilee celebration, it is important to use the occasion to pray for continued unity in our country,” Fr Bwalya said.

In his Heroes and Unity days message, Fr Bwalya said it was useless for Zambians  to continue talking about fallen heroes and heroines at a time when the country needed current heroes and heroines to deal with the present challenges.

“Our country is confronted with numerous socio-economic and political challenges that require the kind of heroism we have seen in the past to solve,” he explained.

Fr Bwalya said it was also important to remember and celebrate the heroism of the departed brothers and sisters.

“We urge President Michael Sata to take advantage of this opportunity to become a hero by responding positively to demands for a people driven constitution,” he said.

Fr Bwalya said Zambians would see Mr Sata as a hero if he puts an end to reckless wastage of tax payer’s money on constitution making processes by delivering a good constitution to stand the test of time.

“Since the impass between government and the public over demands for a people driven constitution have turned out to be divisive, President Sata will enhance his leadership credentials by uniting the country by honouring his promise to deliver a people driven constitution in the manner outlined in the PF manifesto.

“Finally, we encourage all citizens to perform simple actions of heroism by engaging in activities that unite people,” he said.

Fr Bwalya said only unity could guarantee continued stability in the country which was necessary for accelerated development.