Mulenga Sata is our man-PF youths

Former Patriotic (PF) Lusaka district vice secretary Benja Siwila has charged that Vice-President Guy Scott is dividing the party by siding with one group of members.

And Mr Siwila has cautioned Dr Scott against being judge of the legitimacy and eligibility of Mulenga Sata in the ruling party’s presidency.

Mr Siwila has charged that Dr Scott was favouring his A-Team by suggesting that the PF secretary general was the only senior-most member in the ruling party who was eligible to stand for the presidency in the PF.

Mr Siwila said Dr Scott’s A-Team was a reject in the ruling party and that it would not be easy for Zambians to accept and vote for people who had no respect and regard for other senior members of the party.

He said youths across the country were shocked by Dr Scott’s statement that Mulenga Sata who is the son of President Michael Sata was not eligible to contest the position of republican president of Zambia.

Mr Siwila said Dr Scott was undermining President Sata and his family by openly supporting PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba who he said had been rejected in the party and the general public.

He has challenged Dr Scott to come out in the open and reveal his motive by suggesting that Mulenga did not qualify to contest the presidency in Zambia because as far as the youths were concerned the Lusaka Mayor had never announced his ambitions.

Mr Siwila who was expelled by Mr Kabimba along with former and outspoken PF Lusaka district vice chairman Julius Komaki said the youths were annoyed that Dr Scott had openly declared that he was not supporting President Sata.

He said the Vice-President’s statement had the potential to divide not only the first family but the country as a whole because Mulenga Sata was not an ordinary person in the ruling party.

Mr Siwila said Dr Scott was neither the spokesperson of the party nor its central committee which was the party’s highest organ.

“Dr Scott should know that the youths will support Mulenga Sata if he has ambitions to lead the party and the country and it is not up to Dr Scott to tell Zambians who is going to be president of the country. It is not the Vice-President who should anoint the successor to our President Michael Chilufya Sata. Dr Scott claims to be a close friend of President Sata but he is at the same time vilifying and maligning the Head of State. We know that he has his A-Team in the party but let him know that his team will never take over the party. We have sacrificed a lot for the PF as youths and they are now using expulsion to silence some of us,” Mr Siwila said.

He said the youths in Lusaka had launched demonstrations against Mr Kabimba because they knew the schemes and intentions of Dr Scott and his friends most of whom were not elected members of the ruling party.

Mr Siwila said the protests were meant to expose the clandestine schemes by a selected group of people who had launched their own campaigns for the 2016 general elections.

“We have been quiet because we love and respect President Sata who has worked a lot for this country. We have been provoked several times but we have restrained ourselves but now Dr Scott is pushing us to the limit. We shall always defend the first family and it is incorrect for the Vice-President to take sides on national matters,” Mr Siwila said.