PF indiscipline unacceptable

Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe’s outburst against Vice President Guy Scott is evidence that there is indiscipline in the Patriotic Front (PF) government, Former PF Chawama Constituency member of Parliament Sampa Bredt has charged

Reverend Bredt said yesterday that Dr Scott inability to discipline Mr Munkombwe was testimony that Patriotic Front’s number tw0 was Vice President because of other reasons.

“There is no protocol in the PF because of the way they do things. I know that Dr. Scott was wrong to refer to the Tongas as a minority tribe but being told off by a deputy minister in the manner Mr. Munkombwe did, is unacceptable. The PF needs to change the way they do things because they have only managed to show the people of Zambia their failure in the years they have been in government,” she said.

On Monday, Mr Munkombwe stunned people at the Lwiindi traditional ceremony in Monze when he told Dr Scott that he was annoyed when he called Tongas a minority tribe.

“I was also very annoyed and disappointed when I heard that his honour the Vice President called Tongas a minority. I am also Tonga, I felt hurt,” Mr Munkombwe said.

Rev. Bredt said it was sad that the PF was failing because of indiscipline and lack of a vision to govern the country.

She said the PF government knows no protocol and has no vision for the country.

Rev. Bredt said Dr. Scott was a wrong person to hold the office of the Vice President because he had failed to instill discipline in government, especially among ministers and deputy ministers.

She said there was need for leaders in the ruling party to appreciate the contribution of other tribes in the struggle for independence of Zambia.

Rev. Bredt said Dr. Scott had failed to show leadership as Vice President of the country and what he had instead managed to successfully do was to antagonize the people of Zambia.

“If I were him I would have resigned. So the challenge I am throwing to him is that let him step aside for allowing a deputy minister to tell him off in the manner Mr Munkombwe did,” said Rev. Bredt.