Sata’s medical board exhibits ready

Civil rights activist, Brebner Changala, is today expected to file in a writ of mandamus in the High Court in an effort to obtain an order to compel Cabinet to constitute a medical board to determine the health status of President Michael Sata.

Mr Changala confirmed to the Daily Nation yesterday that his lawyer Makebi Zulu had completed all the paper work and that today he would be filing in affidavits at court.

He said the process was delayed because he was collecting exhibits that needed to be submitted to court when suing the Attorney General.

The civil rights activist said he was suing the Attorney General because he was the one who was expected to advise cabinet to constitute a medical board.

“There is need for cabinet to constitute a medical board to ascertain the health status of President Michael Sata.  It is over seven days since we wrote to the then acting President Wynter Kabimba asking him to exercise his powers to ask cabinet to consider the question of physical or mental capacity of President Sata.

“There are a lot of unprecedented things that have happened in our country such as handing over power. Mr Sata must be given enough time to rest,” Changala said.

He said some of the exhibits that would be submitted to court include the campaign videos for President Michael Sata, the 2011 September swearing in footage at the Lusaka High Court, the footage when he was addressing the army personnel in Livingstone, a footage when the President appeared in court in May 2014, and his appearance at the Freedom statue on May 25th 2014.

Mr Changala said there was a lot of exhibits that would go with his affidavit that he wanted both the court and cabinet to review as they would be determining the matter.

He said he was doing this for the good of the nation and that it was only fair that President Michael Sata’s health status was examined.

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