Scott attacks, insults Daily Nation

Vice-President Guy Scott yesterday blew his top and verbally attacked and abused the Daily Nation and its staff accusing the newspaper of publishing what he called s**t.

Dr Scott went vile against the Daily Nation and its staff after one of the reporters called him to clear rumours that Mr Kabimba had continued acting as republican President even after President Sata had returned from Israel where he had gone for a working holiday.

The Vice President who sounded annoyed told the reporter that he did not give interviews to newspapers that were publishing what he called s**t and fumed that the Daily Nation had accused him of having endorsed Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba.

Recently Dr Scott was quoted as having said that Mr Kabimba was the most senior PF leader to act as President each time the Head of State travelled out and that the Justice Minister qualified to stand for the presidency of the country.

Last week, Dr Scott unreservedly apologised to the Tonga people of Southern Province for referring to them as a minority group of people who were spreading rumours about President Michael Sata’s health.

Dr Scott had however ruled out Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata who is the son of President Sata and Kabwata PF Member of Parliament (MP) Given Lubinda.

He charged that the Daily Nation was against him and that he would never give an interview to the newspaper.

When reminded that he was a national leader and that he should learn to regulate his language, Dr Scott repeated his verbal abuse against the newspaper and its staff.

When told that as the country’s Vice-President it was wrong for him to choose which people and media houses to talk to, Dr Scott said he did not care because according to him the Daily Nation was publishing lies against him.

When asked to confirm if Mr Kabimba was still acting President, Dr Scott quipped: “s**t” before terminating the call. Dr Scott demanded that the reporter should tell him when and where he had endorsed Mr Kabimba as a presidential candidate for the ruling party.

The vice president who did not acknowledge formal pleasantries from the reporter just demand to know who was calling him and after the reporter introduced himself, the Vice-President said: “Can you tell me when and where I endorsed Kabimba. It is you and your newspaper who have been saying Scott has endorsed Kabimba. That is s**t. you publish s**t and I do not give interviews to the Daily Nation,” Dr Scott said before terminating the line.