State urged to clear blunders

President Michael Sata has been challenged to address the nation to clear the inconsistencies regarding his arrival from Tel Aviv, Israel where he had gone on a working holiday.

Zambia Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali said the nation needs to be informed about the state in which President Sata arrived and if indeed he was the one in charge.

Mr Tayali said it was not enough for the Chief Government spokesperson Joseph Katema to just state that the Head of State did not arrive on Friday.

Dr Katema said Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba was still acting President until Saturday when the President arrived.

He said President Sata was in a better position to address Zambians to clear all the speculation going on about his current state of health.

“The statement from Dr Katema is not convincing, when did the President come? Which Airport did he use? What time did he arrive?  Why is it that there is no official statement on Mr Sata’s health status?

“We want to know if he is able to address the people or even conduct a swearing in ceremony in his current state. There has been so much inconsistency in the information that is coming from the minister and because of this we are not convinced that Mr Sata is in the country,” Mr Tayali said.

He said President Sata was the only person who would clear all the misconceptions about whether he was indeed performing duties of Head of State. Mr Tayali said there was a lot of anxiety and insecurity in the country because Zambians were no longer sure of the whereabouts of their leader.

He said the events in Zambia now had an implication on the Constitution because as it is the laws were not helping things in Zambia.