The silence

The blame squarely falls on the heads of Patriotic Front (PF) government leaders over their failure to end speculations and innuedos circulating in Zambia and some foreign media.

At the moment, most Zambians can confirm that they know little about the direction Zambia is taking because of Government’s failure to communicate to citizens.

There is simply no information coming out of Government on the state of one vital institution of governance-State House.

Why on earth should Zambians be treated the way the PF is treating them as though the country has a dysfuntional Constitution?

Even in dictatorships,  illegitimate Governments communicate with their people during times they give illegitimate commands.

We have said it before that the Patriotic Front are not running their party but Zambia which has laws and systems.

While there are State secrets in the administration of government, there is no constitutional provision which prescribe as a private matter the health status of the President and his ministers.

These people use tax payers’ money which should be accounted for at the end of a financial year.

Patriotic Front Government leaders should know that they are fueling speculation by their inability to inform Zambians about how President Sata is fairing health wise.

Government should know that any speculation about the health of the President takes Zambians to the year 2008.

This is when Zambians were informed of the sudden illness of President Levy Mwanawasa.

Zambians are anxious to know the health of the President Sata because  they have suffered before as they glued themselves to media update when President Mwanawasa was in a French hospital  recieving treatment.

Last week, Vice-President Guy Scott told Parliament that the health of President Sata will be handled by State House and surely Zambians have been waiting.

It would not be in the interest of Zambians to be kept in the dark on the health status of the President when international media have been reporting in the negative.

It is also not in the interest of Zambia for the President to be kept away from the public eye when speculation is high about his alleged poor health.

What should be noted is that Zambians last saw the President on June 19, 2014 on television when Mr Sata met the visiting Chinese Vice-President Li   Yuanchao   at State House.

On June 20, 2014, the President was flown out of the country but the purpose was only announced two days later after speculation heightened about the circumstances in which he travelled abroad.

Even President Sata’s return has been a mystery with conflicting statements about when he arrived back and the time.

Zambians deserve better from the Patriotic Front as President Sata is now no longer their property but that of Zambians who voted for him in the September 2011 election.

Government should come in the open and end speculation and inneudos about the President as Zambians are reading between the lines, statements and write ups from  people close to the powers, that be.