…As Cabinet urged to tackle Sata’s health

Cabinet should immediately convene and address the concerns raised by many Zambians over President Michael Sata’s health, opposition Forum for Democratic Alternatives (FDA) leader Ludwig Sondashi has said.

Dr. Sondashi observed that the continued secrecy, rumours and innuendoes surrounding President Sata’s health was choking many Zambians.

“We in Forum for Democratic Alternatives (FDA) are saddened at the way government is handling the issues surrounding President Sata’s health. The country is getting chocked with speculation, rumours and innuendoes about President Sata’s physical health,” he said.

Dr. Sondashi said it was important that cabinet clears the anxieties which have gripped the nation over President Sata’s continued absence since his return from Israel where he was reportedly on a working holiday.

“It is essential and imperative for government to clear the anxieties that have gripped the nation ever since the Head of State travelled to Israel for a working holiday. And what is making people continue to speculate is the fact that there are too many contradicting statements coming from government itself,” he said.

Dr. Sondashi said that the conflicting and contradictory statements from government particularly from Vice-President Guy Scott and acting Information and Broadcasting Minster Mwansa Kapeya have not helped at all.

“To top it all, President Sata’s arrival back home from Israel has been shrouded in secrecy fuelling speculation that the Head of State is not in sound health,” he said.

Dr Sondashi said speculations, rumours and innuendoes were just exposing the Presidency to ridicule both locally and internationally as could be seen by an application to compel government to constitute a medical board to examine the physical and mental status of the President which had been filed in the Lusaka High Court by a Civil Rights activist Brebner Changala.

“As a Party we would like government to make a comprehensive statement regarding the health of the Head of State as it was creating a lot of anxiety among citizens. They should also know that it has become absolutely necessary in public interest to consider the state of the health of the President bearing in mind that the health of President Sata cannot be hidden from the public forever because sooner or later the truth is bound to come out,” said Dr. Sondashi.

Government has been under-pressure to state the whereabouts of President Sata since his unannounced return from Israel where he had gone for a working holiday.