Garden township residents counsel

MP KapataGarden Compound residents have advised Mandevu  Member of Parliament Jean Kapata to stop expressing attitudes of bitterness towards those critical of her works.

Speaking on behalf of  fellow  residents Rabson Msoni said it was unfortunate that the law maker had allegedly taken a divisive position by creating factions in the manner she was handling  local issues

He said those in leadership should not hold grudges against individuals seen to be critical of their plans.

Mr Msoni claimed that Ms Kapata as a leader had allegedly failed to be the unifying figure as a ‘mother’ for the constituency by her verbal abuse against some members of the community.

“As a leader, an MP, how can she issue statements that she is ‘umwana wa ngoshe’ (a child of the cobra snake) as if threatening the people talking about the needs of the community.

He explained that in fact, most issues which the MP was annoyed  about included services and wondered how people could not complain when they see no improvement.

He cited the lack of drainages and poor road network in Garden as some of the problems faced by the residents, but said complaining about them was like creating enemies with the local leadership.

Mr Msoni was reacting to the MP’s remarks  during the ground breaking ceremony for the new police station, as a response to public cries of increased crime levels due to absence of police post.

A few years ago, Garden residents fought running battles with police during which they demolished the only police post after an uproar following reports that a person had died while in police custody.

There has been no police presence in the area resulting in high crime levels including aggravated robberies and killings.

This forced residents to come together to donate funds towards the construction of a new police post. Last week, Ms Kapata led a delegation in laying the foundation stone to mark the commencement of the police post project.