German couple child kidnap mystery unlocked

The mystery surrounding the kidnap of the child of the German couple has now been unlocked.

A witness from Kasisi Children’s Home and Orphanage yesterday testified that the baby was admitted to the orphanage in December 2011 when she was taken there by her biological mother, Ester Phiri.

This is a case before Lusaka Magistrate Obster Musukwa in which two brothers, Vincent and Dennis Lufumbo, are accused of child stealing.

Religious sister-in-charge Maria Mariona told the court that the baby was taken to the orphanage by Ms Phiri who explained that she was unable to look after the child as she had other children at home.

Sr Mariona added that since Ms. Phiri had no documents except for a National Registration Card, she advised her to go to Kasisi Police Post to obtain a police report.

She said a Police report was issued to Ms. Phiri for request for child admission at the center. Sr Mariona said the baby was not claimed until July 16, 2013, when a German couple visited the center for child adoption.

She said the couple liked the baby and adopted her and all the paper work was done accordingly.She said the baby was discharged from the center  with all the paper work done respectively.

Earlier, a 66-year-old woman of Mwembeshi in Mumbwa testified that she almost fainted when in a dramatic turn of events it was revealed that the two-year-old baby left in her custody by her grandson, Vincent, was a child of the German couple.

Alice Nyeleti said that on May 29, 2014 as she was going to church, she met Vincent, who was in the company of his younger brother Dennis and a child.

Ms Nyeleti said she was informed that the trio had cone to pay her visit and that Vincent had a serious issue to discuss with her. She said she went with the trio and told Vincent to brief her about the issue as she was late for a church service.

Ms Nyeleti said Vincent informed her that he wanted to leave the baby in Mwembeshi because he could not take it to his matrimonial home as the baby in question was his daughter born out of wedlock.

She said Vincent explained to her that he decided to take away the baby from its mother because of a fight which broke out when he visited the child’s mother. Ms Nyeleti said she accepted the baby but she found it difficult to communicate with her as the baby could only speak English. She further stated that the following day Vincent visited her farm in the company of police officers who informed her that they wanted to pick up the baby because her parents were looking for her.

Mrs Nyeleti added that on May 31, police officers picked her from her farm and took her to Woodlands police station where she was introduced to the baby’s parents who were the German diplomats.

She told the court that the news shocked her because she was introduced to the baby as her great granddaughter by Vincent.

The matter comes up on August 5, for continuation of trial.

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