Allow MPs meet Sata

Government must allow the opposition members of Parliament (MPs) to meet President Michael Sata to clear speculations and innuendoes that have surrounded the whereabouts and health status of the Head of State, Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi has said.

Mr Milupi said the MPs being members of the legislative arm of government were in order to request to meet President Sata because they had sworn allegiance to the Presidency.

He said the official position of government was that President Sata had travelled to Israel on an official visit and that whilst in Tel Aviv, the Head of State was going to take a working holiday.

Mr Milupi said it was important for MPs to pay a courtesy call on the President since he had returned from the Middle East country.

The ADD leader observed that no Head of State would leave a country for a working holiday if he was not in good health and that since the PF government had assured Zambians that there was nothing wrong with President Sata, it should quickly facilitate a meeting with the MPs.

He said had government told Zambians the truth about the health status of President Sata, the MPs and Zambians in general would never have demanded to see the Head of State because he would have been available and performing his presidential duties.

Mr Milupi said Zambians were deeply concerned that statements about the whereabouts of President Sata and his state of health were now coming from family members and not from the presidential press aide George Chellah.

He wondered why Mr Chellah had become quiet when speculations and innuendoes about President Sata’s health had continued flooding the country raising anxiety and tension among citizens.

“The official position of PF government is that President Sata went to Israel on an official visit and nobody goes on a working holiday if he is not well. We have been told and assured that the President is not ill and the MPs demanding to have a meeting with him are perfectly in order. The MPs are part of the legislature which is an arm of government and have the right to meet him. And our hope is that government through Vive-President Guy Scott should quickly seek clearance so that the MPs can meet the Head of State,” Mr Milupi said.

Mr Milupi explained that the 16 opposition political parties that had written to President Sata requesting for a meeting over the constitution impasse were also waiting for a response from State House so that they could dialogue on the way forward on the constitution making process. He said it was unfortunate that Zambians had been subjected to malicious speculations and innuendoes about President Sata’s health and that it was painful that government was not willing to come out in the open and tell Zambians the truth about what was happening in the country.

He said Zambians were not callous people and would be happy to see their President whom they voted for in 2011 to lead them.

Opposition MPs have requested Dr Scott to facilitate a meeting President Sata since he had returned from working holiday.