Avoid tribal talk- Machungwa

It is unfortunate that senior government leaders are embroiled in tribal talk that can cause disunity among the people, says former Home Affairs Minister in the MMD government, Dr Peter Machungwa.

He has said there was no room for tribal encounters that seem to be taking the country back in its achievements. Dr Machunga said with 50 years of peace and unity, it was unfortunate that some government leaders had taken a retrogressive step that had the potential of destabilising the nation.

“We need a government whose leadership brings people together, there is no room in Zambia that promotes tribal conflicts. With 50 years of independence, we should be working at building the country as one people,” he said.

He was commenting over the recent tribal debates ignited by Vice President Guy Scott in an interview with the BBC.

Dr Machungwa has warned the PF against carrying on with their ‘all powerful’ attitude as they would not always have the privilege of being in government. He said recent revelations by Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba that he smuggled in foreigners for the parallel voter tabulation during the 2011 general elections was shocking as they were coming from a senior government official.

“Power has gone to their heads, but they should remember that they will not be in power forever.  They should know that they have nothing to convince the people for their continued stay in power,” he said.